Ranked play coming or not?

Would be a shame if this game doesn’t have real competitive game play, with ranks/divisions/ladders. But then the itemization needs to be removed in ranked play, imo.

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I agree. Ranked would have to have a separate queue for solo/duo and 5 premades though. Kind of like how LoL does it. Also either no gear or standardized gear would be good.

wasn’t there a ranked mode in the open beta, I’m not sure I didn’t play it

If there will be one, it better comes the same time as Galliea nerf or after.

I don’t think any of the items I’ve seen so far have made a character extremely broken if used. Maybe have restrictions on certain items in Ranked modes if they are that change the balance that much. Or there could be “Ranked sets” of items that everyone has access to in Ranked only games.

I can’t stress how important ranked play would be for the longevity of the game! Not only to fix matchmaking but also to give players a sense of achievement after every match. Simply unlocking loot packs isn’t enough at least for players like me.