Ranked Play - Where is it?

What happened to the ranked game mode in the beta? I like the idea of getting into ranked matches so I can consistently play with experienced players after a few matches.


I’m guessing they’ll open it up after the playerbase gets to a certain level.

Most people have the same 5-7 characters opened. Maybe they are waiting for the variety to open up?

Wondering the same thing here. I hope they don’t take it out. For a competitive team based multiplayer game, I really think a ranked matchmaking is required.

I remember it was there in beta. Anyone know if it is/was/will be a skill based rank (MMR system like league or dota)…or was it just based off XP/account level in the beta? Really hope it is not the latter.

It is implemented in every mode by default according to devs. Apparently the skill groups are pretty large so we won’t see it kick in full time for awhile. It is ELO based skill matchmaking just give it a bit to work itself out.

If that’s the case and its always on, there needs to be league rankings or some way to judge your skill progression. Account/XP level doesn’t mean anything except how much time you’ve spent.

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[quote=“dr_kleese, post:5, topic:1387123”]
It is ELO based skill matchmaking just give it a bit to work itself out.
[/quote]While that’s all good and great, it needs to be working right now. Players put into matches against others who have vastly different skill levels than their own are not having fun, and not having fun means they will stop playing the game. At the moment only the story is keeping me playing, after many a one-sided PvP match, and even that will get old after the 10th playthrough.

Yes, it’s early days, but that also means we’re still entitled to a refund/credit, and I’m sure there will be players like myself who would simply use that credit on a game by a different company.

Well that’s just a shame, because it’s an ELO system and it’s going to take time to work. You can get your refund if you want, I’ll be waiting patiently.


Lol it’s funny. If the game isn’t working to your specifications “now” then you are selling it and getting a new one. Patience my friend, they can’t fix it if you don’t give them time.

As for PVP deficiencies, I recommend finding some friends and playing in a group. Not only is pvp more enjoyable, but that communication is key.

What system do you have?

On the Q/A, they are working draft pick atm.

After the draft pick, that’s when we can finally get ranked plays. At the moment, there are too many low level players around and exploits and so on to abuse.

You can’t have a heathly ranked game where most people are just using God-like Galilea or abusing Marquis bug while using aimbot.

I get what you’re saying, and perhaps I was a little hasty to use the “fix it or I quit” rhetoric. Now that I’ve calmed down and played a little bit more (finally got into a match where everyone was new and it was fantastic), I am willing to give it some time to work itself out. I’m not a huge PvP fan, or a huge shooter fan (though I do love me some Borderlands) so I won’t really be missing out on that much, plus I’ve got a WoW beta invite to test so that could occupy me for a few weeks while the ELO system and other imbalances/bugs are sorted.

[quote=“chairman7wjr, post:9, topic:1387123”]
As for PVP deficiencies, I recommend finding some friends and playing in a group.
[/quote]Absolutely, playing with friends is always a much more enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, by the time the ELO system is working properly, all my RL and online friends will be playing Overwatch (or more likely they’ll have played it for 2 weeks and quit) which doesn’t really appeal to me.

[quote=“chairman7wjr, post:9, topic:1387123”]
Patience my friend, they can’t fix it if you don’t give them time.
[/quote]As I said above, I’m willing to give it some time but not too much. Like many games, if I walk away from it for too long I simply won’t come back (like D3), though BB has the benefit of having a decent campaign to play through. Thankfully what I’ve seen of BB so far has been mostly really enjoyable, with a fantastic campaign and relatively good PvP maps which are a load of fun when the teams are evenly matched.

However, I also don’t think it’s too much to ask of a competitive shooter/moba to have an initial system in place even if it’s just a win:loss ratio or character rank until the ELO is working. I mean, balanced combat is a pretty major deal in a game like this and Gearbox are smart enough to know what problems other games have had with their ranking systems. I get that it takes time and such, but this is kind of why they do things like the beta testing and something like team balance should have been thought of even before alpha started.

Gearbox however has not burned me yet with their games unlike a certain large games company, so at this stage I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that some time soon I can enjoy the PvP side of this game. I’m actually hugely pleased with the Gearbox staff and the fact that they have great communication with their customers.

There is a hidden ELO, but no ranked system as of yet. Jythri, the creative director, said they are definitely committed to ranked gameplay, but it won’t be until further down the road until it’s implemented in the game.

Jythri & I had a big interview about this the other day, which I posted to the sub-reddit. Because they want to get hero balance in a generally better place, his ROUGH, UNOFFICIAL estimate for when ranked will come out isn’t for another “2-3 months.”

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That is satisfying to have a time estimate and gives us players enough time to really find our niche and a group to play with so that we can give each other the best challenge possible. I’ll be playing quite a bit in anticipation of ranked play.