Ranked PVP Matches?

I get that rankings are built into the system or whatever, but in games like this it’s almost standard to have a regular pvp and then a ranked pvp with leaderboards and such.

Are there any plans to implement something like this?

First they need to implement an actual matchmaking system, THEN proceed to worry about ranked matches.

As it stands now, they just pit the first 10 together, regardless of level, skill, premade v. non, etc. It’s a shame because the game is really fun but it’s almost like a flashback to Heroes of the Storm matchmaking, and I definitely don’t want to relive those days.

They use an ELO system to match similar ratings against each other. I am rank 100 and I am never against below 50

Edit: By ratings I mean ELO rating not Command Rank

Firstly, I thought their patch worked for matchmaking they did. I see a lot of users still complaining, so maybe not. Almost all my matches are pretty tough fought for both sides with the exception of the odd premade group you encounter.

Second, even if matchmaking WERE totally random teams (which it’s not) a ranked mode would alleviate a lot of the problem. All the serious players would go for ranked games. Hell, you can even bar partied groups from playing regular matchmaking games.

Creating that division makes for a better experience for both skilled players and new/unskilled/pve players. In other games the non-ranked matches are really scrubbish, which is how it should be. It gives you a place to play new characters where you’re not getting smashed by neckbeards all day.

I agree with your second point. As long as the ranked matchmaking isn’t the same as it currently is now for normal mode then that’s perfectly fine.

Trust me, PC matchmaking is a ghost town. You will not find a match for a good 20-30 mins minimum and it shouldn’t be that way. I like to play solo or with my friends, but I shouldn’t have to sit here and wait until friends come online to have a good time.

Ah, PC… I see so many complaints about the PC version, sorry pal :disappointed:

Interesting. I definitely don’t feel it when I’m playing solo. Perhaps it’s because I’m on PC which has a ton of problems finding people, but most games I do on here solo are with brand new players up against veterans. I will sometimes get a fairly even game, but the majority of the time it’s unbalanced matchmaking.