Ranked PvP? Not commander lvl

Will there be any ranked PvP? By that I mean a independent rank separate from your command rank. Maybe even draft style game 1 ban per team with randomized game mode? Within a ranked game disable surrender? I don’t know i’m just spit balling here. I would like to see a competitive rank/game mode implemented within BB. I truly love this game and the uniqueness of each character. Within my BB community I have made several friends whom I work well with and we dominated every match and we all would like to see a PvP rank. If anyone has any insight on what GBX is planning for competitive PvP I would be thankful for the information.

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I haven’t heard anything either… but a ranked mode would be a lot of fun and add great replayability!

There was a ranked mode option on the PC Beta, so I’m pretty sure they’re going to be putting out a Ranked Mode when they’re ready to start Season 1.


I’m pretty sure I saw someone mention that it is coming in another thread