Ranking hyperion guns

how would you guys rank the hyperion gun using a hyperion allegiance moze looking for some good options other than just the meta

I suppose it depends on her build. The Slow Hand is strangely fun to rapid fire and has good splash (and as an otherwise forbidden health-steal weapon for my own characters, should pair nicely with a Bloodletter COM even if you skip the Deathless meta (Lunacy is my non-Deathless Bloodletter setup for Moze). Not a ton of Hyperion weapons come with splash (unless I’m missing something) though, so I wouldn’t build heavily in the Demolition Woman tree (though it is possible to get to Short Fuse without “wasting” points in splash-based skills).

Hyperion’s gimmick of going to high accuracy and stability a few shots into sustained fire should make a trip down the Bottomless Mags tree worth it to extend the amount of time you can spend in the sweet spot (mostly for SMGs, unless you’re using a sniper rifle like an assault rifle).

My favorite non-meta (unless they are and I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:), one from each type:

Tankman’s Shield - the damage stack mechanism is a hoot, and Moze backfeeding the magazine should let you really cram damage into each subsequent magazine… like you’ll probably need to manually reload to trigger the damage swap.

Cheap Tips - laying into a target for a while to leave a puddle of chips on the ground, then zipping through the puddle to scoop them up for a damage burst is entertaining.

Slow Hand - neither of my Mozes get to play with Hyperion gear, and it seems like this weapon with a Bloodletter and a number of splash skills would make her pretty strong (and it’s fun to shoot, since the rounds travel straight). I’m not sure I’d invest a ton in the splash-based skills in the Demolition Woman tree though, given that most (?) Hyperion weapons don’t seem to have splash.

nice yeah I run an iron bear infinite ammo moze using the bear trooper com and hyperion weapons I do go down the blue tree but mainly to buff iron bear it’s mostly about killing with your guns but if you run into three or four anointed enemies plus 5 bad asses you can either kill them with guns some what efficiently and at a decent pace of swap to iron bear and destroy them alot quicker but both are a good option

*edit: for this build the woodblocker is a really good sniper like one of the best it is an allegiance build mind you

Have you tried a Butcher? It seems like Moze could fire one for days.

yeah it’s not as good as you would think tbh here’s my build

No Auto Bear? That always seems like a given for one point in that tree, but that’s about how I’d build it.

Is this a weapon-only allegiance, or everything?

Weapon only using iron bear more than having him as support that’s why no auto bear it would never be used the relic is insanly important as it must have at the least aoe damage boost and preferably the com should have weapon damage any other rolls are good a relic with aoe damage and magazine size are great as it makes more types of the same hyperion gun more viable eg a gun with insane damage but only 24 rounds boosted by alot with mozes skills then even further with the relic bonus meaning higher damage and less magazine management

*edit I mean the grenade and shield can be any manufacturer but guns should be hyperion only the aoe damage on the relic is for iron bear tried it with out and it made a huge difference to his damage so it becomes a must

I ran through Slaughtershaft on TVHM M4 with nothing but a rad Woodblocker with 125% incendiary next two mags and Iron Bear when level cap was 53. Super fun, using it as a burst fire assault rifle. Pretty easy to get it up to 30 or so mag size.

Redistributor is probably one of the best all around guns, posted a build awhile back using a cryo with CH to do TVHM M4 Takedown on a Bloodletter build.

Brainstormer is always fantastic, especially with Consecutive Hits… Same as Redistributor.

Butcher can definitely be fired quickly and for just about forever. Heartbreaker has more spread, not as high RoF, but can do healing shenanigans.

Slowhand definitely has potential, but I’ve not really put much effort into it as of yet. But it’s splash, so… Same for the Host. Potential, but haven’t played with it much.

I actually really like Hyperion on Moze. Definitely one of the better manufacturers for her. Since they also make shields and grenades, you can get a lot out of Matched Set.
Scorching RPM is fantastic for increased fire rate and crit chance, both which do great work with the accuracy and relatively high RoF of Hyperion weapons. Explosive Munitions also helps that crit damage.

Yeah I use the obvious good weapons on her hyperfocus and so on was wondering if any one had some hidden gems I was missing using oldridian I think it’s called on her

The Firecracker is pretty funny on large bosses, it can kill Tyreen in under a minute. Pity its fire-locked, which limits its usefulness in bossing substantially. It deals a ton of splash damage so it should be really solid on Moze with her kit.

Besides that, the Brainstormer, Redistributor, Hyperfocus are the popular heavy hitters. Butcher is…okay now I guess, Conference Call is incredibly strong against large bosses. Oldridian is great if you can juggle the elements, better than the Crossroad. The Host is a baby Protuberance which comes with more consistent stats.

Shame Borderlands 3 doesn’t have Hyperion Pistols. I would’ve loved to see the Lady Fist again (especially since the Unforgiven right now is just a really bad wanna-be Ladyfist. As I always say, you can either have a penalty on damage or rate of fire, but both is not a good idea)…


These are in no particular order within tiers.

S tier- Brainstormer, Hyperfocus XZ41, Resdistributor, Conference Call, Transformer, Old God
A tier- Crossroad, Slow Hand, Oldridian, Stop Gap, Recharger/Recharge Berner, Ward, Quasar
B tier - B word, Woodblocker, Butcher, Heart Breaker, Fearmonger, Rectifier, Front Loader (probably higher tier for Moze specifically), Firestorm, Trans-Fusion

Everything else is C tier or lower, not really worth using (or ranking for that matter). Face Puncher is A tier for Amara if you get a Redundant version with ASE 100% melee damage, but otherwise it’s C tier or lower. Tankman’s Shield might be good, I’ve only ever found 1 and never used it so I can’t comment how good or bad it is.

It’s supposed to be good on moze for obvious reasons tbh woodblocker is so much better but again only on moze think the damage it does but with no ammo issues what so ever

Anyone try Crossroad? Or is the ammo consumption to high even for Moze?

Cross road works great on my moze let me quick check if I linked pics to my build lol

*edit: OK check up where I linked pics of my current moze set up works for any allegiance

wait what is the fire cracker?

The mission reward for the quest Happily Ever After from Wainwright.

It’s not top tier/meta but its fun and good on bosses.

It’s a shotgun that shoots a sort of firework pattern at distance. Up close before the insane spread, it seems to hit pretty hard. Fire damage though.

wait dlc 2 hyperion? Or main quest hyperion?