Ranking the Bots in Bots Battle

I’m updating this post due to the arrival of the new patch.

I didn’t wish to start working on it on the day of release, given that I need the time to test somethings out and see where each character stands. I was hoping that more of them would start moving up to at least Tier 3, or have some sort of noticeable improvement in their tactics, but my result is a bit mixed.

After over 900, near 1000, matches of Bots Battle, I still find it fun. Although all will agree that human players are often superior opponents, those who have played enough Bots Battle will admit that there are times will pull some crazy stuff that humans simply cannot do -like launching skills even though it’s out of line of sight and aimbotting or never failing jumps. There may be more, but these are some of the ones I know from the top of my head. Although all bots benefit from these perks, some benefit more than others and are noticeably more difficult to face by comparison.

Let’s be honest, most of the time the bots are not terribly hard unless there is someone on your team constantly feeding them and they become level 5’s or higher while you’re still level 3. This is not me championing that Bots Battle is some egregious, monumental challenge, but merely stating that there are bots that perform better than others.

Granted, these may just be my opinion from my own observations, but I would like to know if my judgement is accurate from those who often play this mode.

The Bots fall into five categories.

Tier 1/S-Rank: These bots are consistently strong, the perks associated with being bots are noticeable and gamechanging, and will strengthen any team composition. They will make the match take considerably longer to win.

Tier 2/A-Rank: These bots are strong, but the nature of their abilities doesn’t get the full benefit of being a bot. However, they can be gamechangingly strong in certain situations that occasionally happens. A good portion of the roster fit in this category, which ideally every character should be in.

Tier 3/B-Rank: While most are not really weaker than the Tier 2’s, it’s just that they don’t create any noticeable impact regardless of who they team up with. Primarily, they don’t take advantage of their abilities unlike a human who does. They’re still descent, which is good, and most of the roster would want to be in this bracket. They can be quite strong in some cases.

Tier 4/C-Rank: These bots are consistently weak and occasionally mediocre. These bots are generally pretty awful because they are not controlled by a human, they don’t use creative tactics or maneuvers humans are capable of. However, they will still kill you efficiently if you make obvious mistakes.

Tier 5/D-Rank: Jokes. These bots are a detriment to their team, because they don’t perform the way they are supposed to. They are consistently inconsequential and worse than playing a generic Battleborn (Oscar Mike with no abilities) with no bonuses. Besides fodder for completing your Daily Quest, you don’t want to fight them because they offer no challenge whatsoever.

_ Tier 1: These are not in particular order._*

Ghalt: I’m keeping Ghalt at Tier 1, because the current patch didn’t change anything about him. Although he can’t land his skills through walls, if his hook lands on you, you’re pretty much a goner anyway. Once he’s able to isolate you, you take a few shotgun blasts to the face due to his aimbot shooting.

Montana: I could move Montana down to Tier 2, since his damage has been softened I notice that I survive more than half of the encounters that would’ve killed me otherwise if it were the previous Winter Update. However, his tactics are still good and he consistently pulls them off to effective degree. Shockingly aggressive. He just keeps shooting you and doesn’t stop. And whenever he does, it’s only to get himself closer with Lumberjack Dash so your face eats all of his bullets on the following barrage.

_ Tier 2:_*

Alani: In this iteration, I have to move Alani down to a Tier 2, all because her damage decrease make me able to take risks I wouldn’t before, and more importantly her burst healing was greatly reduced. Now I’m capable of killing her more consistently, which is not good, it reduces the challenge. However, all the benefits of being a bot are still there, Alani will still Geyser players from behind walls or throw them out of line of sight, and her auto-attacks still disrupt your vision when she aims it at your face.

Benedict: He is always solid. High mobility with high damage. Still dies to snipers, sure, but will create a lot of hassle if the team can’t counter him well.

Caldarius: I’m starting to see a lot of Bot Caldarius pulling stunts more regularly to some really effective results. If the Bot selects his L2 helix, in addition to his already good mobility, you’ll start seeing consistent maneuvers involving him escaping fights or pressuring you to retreat. A competent harasser and capable chaser.

Ernest: Bots simply know where to shoot and how to shoot. He will launch volleys of grenades at a distance with his Power Egg buffing everyone around him. He uses the appropriate tactics to engage and doesn’t rush to the front lines, unlike some bots, in battle unless he gets out-positioned. Very solid bot overall.

Kelvin: Chaining CC’s kills teams, this is what even the bot does. He can also throw his Ultimate out of line of sight to trap players from behind walls.

ISIC: ISIC benefits greatly from aimboting, like a lot. And it hampers your vision when his shots keeps on hitting you in the face. He becomes an absolute pain when he uses his ultimate when all his shots seems to be hitting your face -and he may be nowhere to be seen. ISIC also has an uncanny way of using Plasma Dash to get into inaccessible areas to retreat, or take shortcuts to hunt you down as you escape.

Orendi: Small, fast, mobile, high firepower. She’s effective in any composition.

Shayne+Aurox: Fetch alone would have made her Tier 1 material, but bots don’t seem to use her cloaking ability very well. It’s always used offensively when it could also be used as a retreat, but the bot almost never does it.

Thorn: Small hitbox, high mobility, reliable range, reliable abilities, straight forward ultimate. Thorn is strong, end of story.

Whisky Foxtrot: Besides using his abilities very liberally, he also benefits greatly from aimbotting. And he’s already a character that easily lands critical hits, now nearly all of them hits you in the face.

_ Tier 3: I will not give too much details about these ones unless it warrants an explanation._*

Ambra: She doesn’t know how to stay back, always charges to the front lines before getting herself seriously wounded or outright killed. If only she healed more frequently, she would easily be a Tier 2.

Deande: She is easily Tier 2 material with her array of tools, yet the bots don’t use them in the manner it is intended. Bots are not good at playing stealth or critical timing, and Bot Deande doesn’t see her assets being used in a thoughtful manner enough. Fortunately, she’s still very sneaky and will ambush her if you’re careless.

Miko: Miko performs exactly as intended. Pocket healing others and occasionally attack when the time is right. He seems to be the most, what’s the word, bland bot out there that never surprises you but does the job he’s assigned.

Marquis: With aimbot being a thing, you would think he would be really annoying to face with consistent sniper shots to your face. But he doesn’t, for whatever reason, and resorts often to his pistol. I would put him in Tier 4 if he didn’t occasionally kill people with his sniper shot, utilizes his abilities liberally and flees well.

Kleese: Like Miko, Kleese does exactly what his role is all the time. Bots rarely jump, so human players will rarely see a Bot Kleese use his chair to do stunts with it. But he’s the only bot that will always destroy your turret by placing a rift next to it.

Galilea: Despite the new change, Galilea is still a Tier 3, since most of the changes came from her mutations and bots have no access to mutations to begin with -unless that’s been changed. Galilea’s tactics didn’t deviate much from the previous patch, but due to her corruption rate decrease it feels like she’s been hitting softer.

Rath: I have to downgrade Rath from a Tier 2 to 3. Although Cataclysmic Smash is a wonderful initiate, that’s all Bot Rath has going for him. Even if he takes L3 Helix for double jumping, it’s useless if he doesn’t jump often enough in combat. Some bots also spam skills as soon as they are on cooldown, leaving them unable to chase or escape when they need it.

Oscar Mike: He’s actually a competent bot, but he never surprises me -ever. He will aim and shoot at your face, throw a grenade when he needs to push, throw an ultimate for area denial or general confusion, and stealth when he needs to escape. His tactics are so stale to the point of predictability, yet he will eagerly kill anyone efficiently.

Reyna: She’s probably my highest rated Tier 3. Her abilities are very annoying, and her aimbot can make her reliably get kills. I could put her in Tier 2, but she doesn’t make me feel anxious whenever I see her.

_ Tier 4:_*

Beatrix: Like in PvE, Bot Beatrix has nearly nothing going for her in Bots Battle. Easily one of the easiest characters to kill due to her large critical hit box, very low damage, very low health, no escapes, low sprint speed, she can’t perform like she is intended when she can’t survive near any encounter. Unlike Ernest, Beatrix doesn’t know how to stay back despite her shooting range is superior to Ernest. Beatrix was getting killed left and right by my current patch Galilea, who suffered from a moderate DPS nerf herself. GBX pulverized Beatrix and it shows. The only reason she’s not a Tier 5 is because it always seems that Bot Beatrix is trying to perform at her best with whatever she has left.

Boldur: Terrifying in the hands of a human, forcing the enemy team to be so conscientious of his presence, well, Bot Boldur has none of those. Human players are probably so terrified of what he may be capable of doing in the higher levels so we kill him mercilessly whenever we see him. Bot Boldurs often not ending up contributing to their team. In this current patch, Bot Boldurs are found sometimes standing next to a healing station and not move despite being attacked. This is probably a programming glitch, sure, but it makes my matches easier.

Mellka: Mellka is best played by a human player given her moveset. Even so, human or not, her damage is overall very weak despite the recent buff. The only time I ever lose to Mellka is when I’m already distracted by many other enemies and she flanks me from the side by shooting in my face.

El Dragon: Still Tier 4, hasn’t moved for me. Bots don’t play him well -at all. They Clothesline blindly as initiates, and then Dragon Splashes with marginal success. Since they burned their CD earlier, they have no means to escape when their health gets low, and El Dragon has quite low health to begin with. El Dragon dies, well and often.

Toby: I don’t think I need to go on too much with this one. All the problems humans have using Toby, the bot amplifies it somehow. Toby dies really, really often. Almost no threat but not quite. His only saving grace is that his proper railgun shots will still deal a lot of damage if you position yourself poorly to be hit, and he will properly use his mine to CC.

_ Tier 5: They are always detrimental to their team._*

Kid Ultra: Clearly he was made to be played by a human, because Kid Ultra’s AI clearly doesn’t take advantage of his toolkit. He doesn’t throw his drones to heal himself and enhance his health, doesn’t stand near his drone for periodic healing, doesn’t launch his drone to heal teammates, I find his drones on the ground somewhere abandoned more often than not. Bot Kid Ultra also doesn’t use his ultimate to escape, instead he tries to ram into people with it as if it did damage. It doesn’t, by the way, so he gets brutally killed every time he tries to pull that trick.

Pendles: I see this guy visible all the time. Because he has his ninja star throwing, this guy always initiates with this pitiful ranged attack, exposing himself in addition to destroying his playstyle. He even prefers to throw his shurikens in chases! He can’t pursue anyone, he can’t outlast anyone, he doesn’t surprise anyone when he’s always exposed, and he always dies long before the fight is even over. It’s not uncommon that you could be fighting a minion wave with no enemy Battleborn in sight and then suddenly you see Pendles die in the minion fray you were trying to clear. It’s almost comical how bad he is as a bot.

Attikus: Attikus’ early game is so horrible that in the hands of a bot there is no way that a human player wouldn’t punish this fact. Attikus gets farmed repeatedly, like you ran over someone with a car but you found it so exciting that you have to do it over and over and over again because it is so hilarious for whatever reason. I feel no threat whatsoever in any game with an Attikus bot opponent. To make matters worse, he always Pounce as an initiate, leaving him no method to escape when things go south, which it always does because he sucks. As if that wasn’t enough, sometimes he Pounces up hundreds of feet into the air, giving his enemies more than enough time to clear up whatever they are doing, and once he lands 5 to 10 seconds later, everyone is ready to tear his head off. Does the Pounce still silence after ejecting himself hundreds of feet in the air? Who cares. He won’t be alive in the following 15 seconds anyway.

Phoebe: No changes here. Still a Tier 5. This is the one that absolutely annoys me. On paper, she’s easily a Tier 2. She has characteristics of ISIC, Deande, and Rath. She will pursue retreating targets by taking shortcuts with PhaseGate, or quickly escape the fight by teleporting to a location inaccessible to most players. If the fight is fought on her terms, her huge DPS will skewer any opponent, and Phoebe constantly body blocks due to the way she attacks. Phoebe capitalizes on out-positioning her targets, and her Ultimate is one large chokepoint that greatly strengthens this style of fighting. Even without mutations, Phoebe can be specced to be very tanky, which extenuates her time in fights and DPS. In theory, Bot-Phoebe is this high DPS melee blocker than constantly rams into you with ease as your guts get punctured repeatedly.

Yet she’s a Tier 5. Why?

Because Bot-Phoebe almost never use her primary attack. Bots only spam her True Strike, which hits once every, what, 3 seconds? Since she doesn’t deal any of her high DPS, it renders all her tactics moot. She has even less attack power than Mellka at this point. Every time I see an enemy Phoebe bot, I know it’s a free kill. She can’t kill anyone in any scenario. The only time I would ever worry about her is if I have less health than her True Strike attack. There was only one or two times where I saw the bot actually uses her primary against one of my teammates, and he was torn to shreds in a matter of seconds. I was actually worried at that point when she turned to me… only to revert back to spamming True Strike over and over… The only reason that she is still better than Attikus is because there are times she can actually reach lvl 5, where as Attikus can perpetually be stuck at lvl 1. My favorite character has been reduced this travesty! I really hope the upcoming patch fixes this because she is really, really boring to play against like this.

The update didn’t do much in all honesty.


Interesting topic! I’ve always found the worst to be Alani, but I also find Reyna worse than your guide indicates. Seems to do more damage that most Reyna players I face!

When you have other people backing you up I just find Bots Battle painfully easy.

One interesting thing I tried the other day during the quiet hours when nobody was on was soloing against a team of 5 bots on a private Incursion game, some characters were easier than others. Kleese was a cakewalk, Attikus was tons of fun and easy to win, Caldarius was fun too but a bit more difficult and I couldn’t get it done as Monty!

The bots don’t spend much time in lane but they do send you a never ending stream of thralls and fat bots and the buildables are always up so pushing past the first sentry area is a struggle. I would recommend giving it a try to anyone who doesn’t feel like sitting in a queue.

I’ve caught Bot-Rath on Monuments trying to engege the Thrall Mercenary at our sentry while the rest of the team where holding the line after taking down the bots first sentry.

I’ve also caught a number of them spawning (or trying to spawn) Thralls and minions directly behind us (Monuments and Sentry) after we’d taken the first sentry and pushed to the second. Let’s see: Kleese, Phoebe, Thorn and Reyna - definitely caught those sneaking in behind us to do that.

I once saw a bot Kelvin sublimate backwards and jump over a barrier flawlessly. I was impressed.


Wow, never seen that happen in my games. I often find him mass stun the group after a series of other CC spams, then the minions kill the group as they all retreat.

Another really annoying thing I tend to notice from Kelvin is that he reacts nearly immediately (whereas human players may panic) when you activate an Ultimate. Ultimates that are sustained, like Rath’s and Ghalts, or the ones that have some sort of noticeable delay by setting up, are instantly cancelled. Then he moves behind him to summon a Giant Minion Bot, and all of a sudden I’m stunned with a Giant Minion blasting me at point blank range.

If I don’t die at that point, I’m very close to it.

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Can I request that Whiskey Foxtrot be moved up to S tier?
I was experimenting with a build for Deande in a private match when this randomly happened:

How many bots do you see pull off a Penta? xD


So this is what Battlborn has been reduced to.
:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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