Ranking the characters based on power

Rank the characters from strongest to weakest.

  1. Mordecai
  2. Lilith?
  3. Roland?
  4. Brick

You’re probably going to be biased, but… let’s discuss?

1- Mordecai
2 - Mordecai
3 - Mordecai
4 - Bone Head

Joking aside, it is honestly all personal preference and how one plays their characters.
For me, Mordecai is the most powerful because I play him most comfortably as opposed to Brick who I am not very good with.
But for the next person, they may be beastly with Brick and own everything with him. While they may not do well with Mordecai.

My personal list is as follows :


Same as yours, actually :smile_cat:

Roland-Most comfortable playing with him.
Lilith-Pretty easy to play as, in my opinion.
Brick-Took some practice but I think I can play as him at least decently.
Mordecai-Powerful, but I find him to be the trickiest of the 4.

That’s my personal list in order. In terms of damage output, the damage numbers suggest the order is:
Brick (with Blast Master)

1: Lilith & Mordecai
2: Brick
3: Roland

I just love Lil and Murderguy too much to decide between either of them.

nailed it.


Being honest with myself, I’d think this with optimal gear for everybody:

1: Brick
2: Lilith(I really wanted to put Mord here)
3: Mordecai
4: Roland

But that’s what I think of “meta” for this, and isn’t what I’d say under normal conditions. Being real(a real jerk), I think Lilith would place lower but that Phasewalk does so much so well.

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That reminds me of the time my brother and I did some under dome…

He would be so mad if he knew I posted this. (he’s Brick) :laughing:



  1. Lilith (Least Favorite)
    Phasewalk provides unparalleled utility. She should never die because of it. Skills like Mind Games trivialize fights that would give any other character fits. Although her damage per second comes in last, even when wielding a Steel Anarchy, it doesn’t matter because she is basically immortal.

  2. Brick (Personal Favorite)
    Outstanding damage per second (Ogre) and damage per shot (Cobra) combined with incredible survivability leaves him with almost no faults. His action skill is basically just a heal button, and does not possess the utility of Phasewalk.

  3. Mordecai
    Capable of outdoing Brick in damage per second and damage per shot in the right circumstances, but badly lacking in survivability. Bloodwing provides utility second only to Phasewalk in order to compensate for this, so he’s still very good.

  4. Roland
    With less damage per second and survivability than Brick he performs markedly worse than him. His survivability is better than Mordecai, but that’s his only edge. The Scorpio Turret is much worse than Bloodwing, and Mordecai’s damage output is significantly better.

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If only Roland’s turret didn’t have blinkers…

Idk about that, if you are going for corrosive DOT, the turret with a good barrage investment seems to slag guys way more consistently that a bloodwing with a lot of bird of prey. Although that bloodwing would do pretty good damage on its own.

What slag? And bloodwung was pretty mucb insya kill to bandits at endgame. Not that you needed it.

@Lumpy_Chumpz refers to the Corrosive DOT working in BL1 as Slag works in BL2, that is to say targets with Corrosive DOT suffer more damage from any further bullet damage (other than Corrosive), if I’m not wrong :wink:

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It’s a flat damage increase, all sources. Something around 30%, last I heard.

Wiki says 15%.

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