Rant about the story,characters,and gameplay

(My thoughts are pretty mixed up so not everything is in order.)

It pains me to see the state the game is in right now because i and many others waited for years for a new installment that would promise the galaxy to explore from the ending of bl2 and the war including all the vault hunters you can get from tps. But what we get is bad story, declining gameplay, lag, and bugs.

The galaxy we so desperately wanted to explore was just 30 minutes of a city area and what feels like an eternity in a swamp. The war we got were against some handsome jack ripoff that shouldnt even be that big of a threat. The vault hunters we needed to gather are missing or locked behind dlc.

The game has overcrowded lootpools and there are too many annoints which are completely useless that they refuse to properly buff or remove cause it seems like they dont even play their own game. whenever something is “fixed” it really isnt and surprise there now even more bugs.

Whenever people are having a good time its always oops thats not what we intended and they make it worse for no reason.

Zane and amara have been in a good spot for a long time with moze just catching up only to get hit with mayhem 2.0 because their design didnt work the first time.

fl4k has been barely chilling because of their damage output but no matter how much we talk about fl4k and their pets needing survivability or the pets needing damage it falls entirely on deaf ears.

Everyones action skill that is meant to do damage scales ■■■■■■■ horribly as well.

On top of that the mayhem modifiers are cool but it gets irritating when they are completely random i dont feel mayhem i feel like im spinning a wheel Of either die ■■■■■■■ instantly or haha big head. Mayhem should be us raising hell and tearing through enemies but its kinda hard when they spawn death skulls that kill you or you do 75% less crit as fl4k who is a character thats based on crits. Or when fade away one of fl4ks main action skills doesnt even work as it says because its not true crit damage.

They say guns are buffed but they still ■■■■■■■ suck because you gave the enemies on the new takedown eridian steroids!

They dont know what works when it should be painfully obvious like when everyone was rejoicing in buffs because it opens options but when you nerf for the sake of diversity it just takes away.

The worst of it though is when people still blindly worship and praise the game going oh thanks for listening months after the fact when it shouldnt have been an issue in the first place and the some employee replys with some gif of moze giving a thumbs up. Content creators are the worst offenders in this case. I love them to death for providing good content but they are some of the ones with the biggest platform and should be seriously addressing this ■■■■ instead of going oh im sure they’ll fix it when it shouldnt have been broken in the first place they just dont ■■■■■■■ test it enough.

Also add vending machines and fast travel to bosses like fabricator, traunt, eista, wendigo, elenor and the heart, jack bot, scrap trap, gigamind, mouthpiece, kata jr, agonizer, killavolt, kata ball, warden, billy, geneviv, aurelia, and any other boss that doesnt have one because why the ■■■■ do we have to run to all of them when one of your selling points was that you wouldnt have to run to bosses anymore ffs

(Ill add more of i think of anything)


ill be the first one reply and i also wanna say , the inventory look trash compare to older games . bl3 inventory literally have 0 advantage , u see bl1 uses text only inventory and its pretty much lag free and easy to navigate, bl2 is a big upgrade to the visual and doesn’t take away performance .


In all fairness:

  1. Do you not see these boards and Reddit? They are both overwhelmingly negative towards the game in its current state. I don’t know how much more you want people to do.

  2. Content creators have been speaking with GB about the issues with the game in the same ways the rest of us do. Joltz put up a poll that has 50k signatures where people are requesting GB revoke Mayhem 2.0. DPJ has been a vocal critic as well. Thicc has several videos now on the topic of Mayhem 2.0 and the GTD.
    What more do you realistically expect though, that content creators will make videos saying “BL3 is a ■■■■■■ game right now and I hate it cuz the devs suck”? They’re doing what the rest of us are (or should be) doing: providing constructive feedback to GB.
    Coming from the guy who’s needed to wait 10 months for pets to get scaled, it doesn’t matter that it wasn’t in at the release, only that it is actually getting fixed now. We can’t change the past, but we can push GB to take action to rectify past mistakes. It doesn’t help anyone if content creators go “yeah, they fixed Mayhem 2.0 but it shouldn’t have broken anyway”. What does that accomplish? The damage has already been done so no point being sour about it at that point.

There is a lot of justifiable frustration towards the way the game is being handled, but anger for the sake of it doesn’t really accomplish much.


u see , at this point gbx doesn’t want to admit certain mistakes like slide airborne annoint .
they know all the mistake , but wont do whole lot to fix it. by that, all the salt on the forum is justified .

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No one’s saying it isn’t but realistically speaking, considering the amount of negativity being levied at GB right now, how much more are we supposed to complain? Borderlands related social media is literally filled with it. I just don’t see what more OP wants people to do.

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Cannot do anything more really. It’s up to Gearbox now

I dislike threads that scorn posters for being optimistic about the game, or (shock horror) even enjoying it themselves, especially when these threads take any old angry tirade against Gearbox and present it as constructive feedback.

People get angry, people vent. This happens. But people also enjoy the game too, and shouldn’t be made to feel some kind of moral failing that they were able to do so.

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Dont a lot of those bosses have vending machines already? And one short run with snowdrift to get to the savepoint isnt that much of an issue imo, but i agree there should be a save point in the clan amourette

Not that i recall the closest one is giga mind but its still a drive away

it should only take 15 seconds to get to, you dont even need to drive if youre zane. i think running to any save point once to farm it for hours is justified.

but gigamind, general traunt, and warden need vending machines right before them