[Rant] Maliwan Takedown Waiting Time

I can’t find a rant section because this post is really just a rant. Admins, delete if necessary.

So I am in Xbox. I went to the Achievements board and saw people asking for help in Takedown at M4. Two Amaras and one Zane. It just so happened I joined at the point where they are already done with the Valkyries. So basically I was just watching the whole game. I can tell the Amaras dont have godly build. It took them a while to clear the bridge. It was like a long movie. I was able to get a snack.

Eventually they got to Wotan, as soon as they are about to kill Wotan, they kicked me. What the?

They made me wait for nothing. GB should allow people to join the fight even on the bridge or prevent people from joining the game at all.

I understand there’s a human factor in this as well.

End of rant.


You asked for help on this forum? or randomly joined a Takedown in game?

It is one of the many drawbacks of the matchmaking system. Honestly it was rude of them to do so, because if they all died you’d be in helping. If you stayed around spectating that long heck yes I would let you get loot! Lets do another round with 4! People can be mean sometimes. It is life, but as of now we can not choose who we play with in open matchmaking unless you put one manually together.

Sorry for the experience, we have all been there or similar.

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This has come up before. GBX can’t regulate people. Even if you’d been able to join earlier, chances are those ID10T’s would still have kicked you - I’ve seen multiple reports of that happening to folks here.

Honestly, your best bet is to use the online play sub-sections to find partners for coop and forget the randos on-line. Sometimes those randos are good decent folk; other times, not so much.


What I don’t understand about this behavior is that those infantile players who kicked him are actually hurting themselves by doing so, assuming they were playing on cooperation mode. Had they let him stay, he would have had loot drops he could have shared with them, n’est pas?

I had the same thing happen to me almost two months ago when MT first came out, and before Zane’s new COM elevated his effectiveness, where I got dumped from an MT matchmaking group. When I asked why I was kicked (I sent a msg to one of the folks in the group), I was told it was because they didn’t want any Zane players in their MT run.

I never ran into these sorts of problem in BL2. However, I do recall worse problems in BL1 when folks could actually grief you (kill you) during a matchmaking session.


What I don’t understand is why MT wait time is still a thing. GBX nerfed MT into the ground so it can be soloed. So why are ppl still matchmaking when it’s just so darn easy to solo? :confused:

I don’t get the wait time but I do understand some players don’t have the build or capacity to solo the takedown. Just today I was matched with 2 kids (based from the mic conversation I had with them).

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A lot are in it for themselves. On my Zane if I have barrier I try and drop it for teammates to use, on my Fl4k, I try to purge in more healing skills. What you tend to run into is that people are there to get the best loot and want everyone to participate to hold their own. No cohesion. I ran with a Fl4k who wouldn’t ever use the barrier I kept dropping for them, but eventually halfway through I just used it since they weren’t.

Takes time but you can get good fun groups.

Still scales to number of people, better chances of loot.

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Not everyone is able to solo it, even after it was scaled to the number of players. I myself was only able to solo MT on M4 after they scaled it down. And as someone else already mentioned, more players = more loot.


Does the “Jericho” rocket launcher deal friendly damage still? (Sorry if this gives trolls ideas)

I mean, it doesn’t help that GBX has not given players tools to help mitigate bad behavior…no in-game reporting, no avoid/blacklisting players, no consequences for hosts who frequently remove players from their game.

I have mentioned it before, but for something specifically designed for multiplayer, Takedown is a particularly bad multiplayer experience.


All this would likely require the game to be server-based, which it isn’t. (Battleborn had some of these features, for example). If you’re on console, you can use the console functions to deal with problem users you encounter. Not sure what Epic has in place for that stuff?

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There are ways to grief players in BL3, yes, but I’m not going to discuss them here or elsewhere because multiplayer already has enough problems without making it worse.