Rapid increase in Shards (1,000+)

OK, maybe I’m missing something obvious but it seems strange when it happens.
I’m using a free shard gen and twice now on Echelon all of a sudden I have an instant increase in shards.
Just now I had 42 and then it jumped to over 1,000 instantly.
How is this possible?

A few questions, were any team mates using a legendary shard generator? Were all the giant shards up? If no to both of this I have no clue

I had just cleared the large shards and spent them on the enemy side.
As for anyone with a legendary, I forgot to check.

In addition to @loving-hatred’s suggestion of your teammates grabbing giant shards in quick succession or the presence of a Quartermastery Bin in one of your teammates loadouts, another possibility is whenever minion waves are cleared by ranged AoE they’ll leave equivalent amounts of shards to that of a giant shard.

(from: http://battlebornforum.com/pages/battleborn-legendary-gear-ultimate-guide/)


I wonder if players actually waste a slot to equip such an expensive, unnecessary gear IMO

Legendary max roll shard gens take 14 minutes just to pay off their own cost. The only time I can see the QM Bin working is on a Pendles who does nothing but collect every shard ever, and his team is definitely going to need those shards to win the 4v5s they’re stuck in. :smirk:

Technically the QM Bin makes every shard much more valuable (120% more shards per shard) but it’s spread thin and requires one person to collect them, so incredibly niche advantage there.


Has it happened multiple times?

Twice this weekend on the same map.

True, but I will still say that you’re purely paying for the legendary effect on legendary shard gen(I use veil manipulator still for the 10.5 health regen at 1000 shards

Shh! Don’t look a glitch-gift thrall in the face! I WISH the shards came to me magically…

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Ah I should’ve noticed from the OP. Interesting. I wonder why

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I was in a team where some dude was doing this once. I cbf with legendaries so didn’t benefit but the others all had triple legendary really quick (how quick, I don’t know for sure but it was damn fast). Around level 3-4 or 7-10mins, I think. This was on Paradise. It’s actually pretty effective. After everyone has triple legendary Pendles plays normally, usually with his ult up from spamming buildables. gg from there.