Rapid infinity uvhm

Tell me this gun is viable in uvhm with non elemental effects on it… just farmed doc for about 45 mins and got a level 54 rapid. Does anyone know if thus gun is good in uvhm? I know it’s a great weapon but I also know uvhm shows no mercy and is good to use elemental damage.

Against most enemies it’s barely able to offset the health regen. With a Bee, a Sheriff’s Badge and 4x Magic Missiles it’s almost viable against some foes.

That was the discussion I had, if you’re curious :slight_smile:

it’s so so. Me I prefer the Corrosive Vengeful Infinity in UVHM, add a Magic Missile x 4 to it and it does very well

I’ve only really been able to benefit from a non-elemental infinity in UVHM when getting fire rate boosts from actions skill perks and kill skills. Otherwise, it’s been pretty meh. There are better guns…

I switch an NE Patriot’s Infinity on Maya to use against elemental enemy like fire spiderants since most of my weapons with her are elemental- it’s got specific uses but I wouldn’t use it as a main weapon…