Raptchur's Random Art

I mostly draw anime fan art obviously. Just something i do for fun. Thanks for looking :slight_smile:

Here are a few showing the process along the way…


Do you make requests?
I demand a Ragna vs Hazama fight pic.
I think I like the motorcycle one best btw.

I could definitely give it a go. I love Hazama’s style

It’s nice to have you back Raptchur. I like the first drawing a lot but they are all good.

Awesome work, @Raptchur!

Oh you’re back.

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Good job, I have no idea who anyone of these characters are…

Thank you daerk! Good to be back! Missed the forums and the game a lot. Glad to see you are still around

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Thanks Joe!!

btw was there a way i could have replied to these four messages in one reply? like the old forum, via quotes? sorry if there was. Okay never mind that big red box popped up and told me i’m a dumb ass. Starting to like this new forum :smile:

@Blutfatal Would it freak you out if i told you i missed you?

@itsTwister Thanks Twister! Yeah they are all japanime… newer ones too.

[quote=“Raptchur, post:9, topic:46842”]
btw was there a way i could have replied to these four messages in one reply? like the old forum, via quotes?
[/quote]Yes, highlight the post/part of post you want to quote and a thingy should pop up (it has a single quotation mark and then the words “quote reply”).
To quote multiple posts just keep highlighting and hitting that thingy that pops up.
It’s somewhat different than the way the old forums does quote/multiquoting but it’s easy enough to get used to.
Oh and you can use the @ symbol as well but actually quoting it rather than just the symbol could be more useful in some situations I think.
~continues to like motorcycle picture~

Okay i just wanted to try it lol. Thanks man. Yeah i like the quoting better. So does this give a notification like replying or @'ing does?

I believe it does. Here is a test to see if I’m right

Sure does. I’m getting used to this i think. Love how you add pics

It will give you a notification.
If you look in the notification menu you can see that theres diffrent symboles for diffrent notification.
For example :heart: if somebody liked your post, if somebody quoted you, :arrow_left: if somebody replayed to you and @ if someone used @Raptchur .


uh huh?


Oh yea- you can totally do that. :smiley:

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I envy your talent.

No I’d just think that you’re a freak.

Hahaha Thanks Joe :wink:

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Thanks Otaku. You have some talent too you know?

I’m happy to see you haven’t changed :heart:

Why would I change?