Rapture Riding Surveyor - Photos and .gif

Hey Vault Hunters :smile:

I remember a while back we had a thread discussing things players had seen and one of the rare sightings is a Hyperion Raptor (the ones with Rocket Launchers) flying a Surveyor. These are usually spotted in the Arid Badlands near Pumping Station 1. They will mount any Surveyor around, even Superbadass Surveyors which looks frightening! Oh, and they kick your ass if not dealt with quick !

As it’s a pretty rare sighting I’d thought I’d pause it and video it to get some pics and footage - if you haven’t seen them.

Raptor with Surveyor:

After I destroy the Surveyor he falls:

imgur .gif (26mb)



I love this! Nice caps!

I see those semi-regularly, but haven’t taken it upon myself to gank the Surveyor out from under the Hawk (I usually spot them when he’s throwing rockets at me, so I’m not very precise with my shots. I’d love to get the Hawk to fall into some environmental hazard though. I don’t think there are any deadly ones in Arid Nexus (maybe into a slag pool surrounded by aggro Skags?) I must do this.

…how did you hit the Surveyor from this angle without hitting the guy? I mean, there’s some overlap, but that’s still a good shot.

I didn’t aim at it, just shot them. It’s likely the surveyor popped without a shield where the Raptor had a shield so was immune to the corrosion.

I’m good with a sniper…but not that good :smile: