Rare bosses arent dropping loot in event

Topic, im playing with a friend and we’re hunting rare enemies and El Dragon Jr isnt dropping any loot after 20 kills on ps4

Have the same with Red Jabba, about 50+ runs and no legendary grenade mod until now. Only 1 legendary relic…

It may be either you had an unlucky streak or the hotfix didn’t load for you because I’ve had many drops from Jabber the past couple days – about 8 legendary grenades in less than 50 runs. PS4/normal/MH1

I think your problem is that you aint playing online cause i was farming red jabba today and it droped legendary nates with a chance of 33%

Ps4 normal mh3 and online. Btw if you play offline he rarely spawns. Online he spawns every time for me but still no luck…

I can agree with this, farmed every single rare spawn multiple times, only got one legendary from el drago jr, which I heard was almost a 100% drop Chance. Had absolutely no luck with any of the other bosses which was and still is very disappointing :frowning:

These aren’t guaranteed drops man, you need to farm. That’s what borderlands is all about. I’ve got almost all drops from this event.

I know i have to farm man…
But there is a difference between farming and grinding. I finally got a legendary grenade mod after 100+ runs. That was the 2nd legendary he dropped for me. 100+ runs is more grinding then farming imo

“Playing with a friend” means online, its not dropping crap, it drops 1 health item, and 1 stack of cash. THAT’S IT, starting to hate this community, just because it doesn’t happen to them means im lying for some reason. Cant get help for crap.

Updates aren’t applying, ruining this celebration.