Rare chest event

I’ve finished the story, level 47, mayhem mode 1. Exploring red chests. I’ve opened 6 and found 0 legendaries. Is this normal for

rare chest event or am I doing something wrong?

I think it only applies for M4 mode :sweat_smile:

That’s disappointing

Is the event still going?


Still going until february 13th

Cool, thanks!

I’ve started a new FL4K and have been finding 2 legendaries on average in red chests just progressing through the story. Make sure the hot fixes apply before starting

…have been sick enough that I haven’t played for a few days, and I just got back in a minute ago to see what this was all about. I haven’t gotten less than two legendary weapons in a red chest yet (and so far, they’re re-closed whenever I restart).

1: Not for M4 only. I’ve started a new Amara and had a gold item in almost every red chest.

2: Make sure on the menu, you wait for 'hotfixes applied’message.

If you’re too quick and jump in before they are that might explain the poor drop rate

3: Check some of the rare spawns - like El Drago, Unstoppable, etc. If they show up with regularity that’ll be surprising (as they are also part of the hotfix).