Rare Enemy Checklist?

I saw a reference to this on another post. Does someone have a link to it? I would like to go through it and see how many I have never seen. I wouldn’t consider Midget Goliaths and Midget Nomads as LLMs as some do, since they seem to be able to spontaneously appear, which LLMs dont. but they are rare. But in my many hours of playing, I’ve only seen Muscles twice. Heck, I’ve only seen the guy in Sanctuary 4 times ( don’t remember his name ).

Are you counting the monsters from the hammerlock dlc “I like my monsters rare” quest?

I think you mean Michael Mamaril. Savage Lee has a possibility to spawn in two locations in Three Horns, but he’s a fairly common sight if you know where to look. There’s the Bioshock reference in the Captain Scarlett DLC, although I don’t know if they spawn all the time or only sporadically. Also Jimmy Jenkins (@#$%^&), The Back Queen (random spawn in The Dust), Vermivorous, Warlord Slog, and Omnd-Omnd-Ohk. There’s a bunch more unique enemies, but they always spawn once you’ve completed the relevant mission e.g. Blue, Rouge, Mobley & Gettle, etc.

Sawtooth Cauldron Fantastic 5 (LLM Rat, Psycho, Nomad and Goliath + Tubby Midget)

The Bioshock easter egg is actually two enemies, Mr. Bubbles and Lil Sis. There’s also King Mong, Donkey Mong and Geary in Eridium Blight and Pimon and Tumbaa in the WEP. Those aren’t connected to any missions and Geary is the only one that isn’t a random spawn (but you have to go out of your way to find him).

Caught this fella some time ago.

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I’ve seen Muscles once and got a tubby midget twice as well- once in the Buzzard’s Nest elevator area before you go up to kill the buzzards and then during Bandit Slaughter…

I have only seem Jenkis once, since the release of the first DLC pack - when I started playing this game.

Farm the LLMs at the WEP. Jimmy shows up a lot, even when you don’t want him to. Once he showed up for me twice in the same run. I never finish a session of farming there without having him pop out of one of the boxes at least once. Outside of that map, though? I’ve found him only one time, in Opportunity.

There was where I found him, popping from a locker in the entrance - where you need to dismember some loader to get in. I’ve done little to no LLM farming but he never came out. :frowning:

There’s a room right after a closed door that has an ultimate badass loader in front of it that has a guaranteed 4 loot Midgets I got 3 in one go just today, and ya I didn’t want him.
Edit:you have to have doctor’s orders active though

We know :slight_smile:

That’s probably why you only saw him once. It’s easy to get him to pop out of one of the four midget boxes in the WEP, but he is incredibly rare anywhere else. Maybe it’s because every time the game decides to spawn a robot midget it has a chance of being Jimmy, and robot midgets are pretty commonplace there. I actually completed the Jenkins challenge three times already just by farming those four little boxes.

Getting back on topic, why don’t we make a list of those enemies? I just remembered a few others, but I’m leaving regular farmable bosses that are linked to mission objectives out of it. On to the list:

Friendly NPCs

  • Michael Mamaril


  • Tubby Skag
  • Tubby Spiderant
  • Tubby Stalker
  • Tubby Varkid
  • Tubby Rakk
  • Tubby Midget
  • Tubby Bones

Unique enemies that spawn randomly

  • Muscles
  • Jimmy Jenkins
  • King Mong
  • Donkey Mong
  • Pimon
  • Tumbaa
  • Black Queen
  • Mr. Bubbles
  • Lil’ Sis
  • Spiderpants

Unique enemies that are always at their spawn points

These aren’t rare at all, but they aren’t linked to any missions and the game never points them out for you.

  • Mad Mike
  • Son of Mothrakk
  • Rakkman
  • Savage Lee
  • Bonehead 2.0
  • Creeper/Badass Creeper
  • Geary
  • Warlord Slog

Unique enemies you get through evolving other types of enemies

  • Vermivorous
  • God-Liath
  • Iron God
  • King of the Orcs
  • Omnd-Omnd-Ohk

Secret raid bosses

  • Dexiduous

Legendary Loot Midget types

  • Legendary Loot Midget Marauder
  • Legendary Loot Midget Rat
  • Legendary Loot Midget Nomad
  • Legendary Loot Midget Psycho
  • Legendary Loot Midget Goliath
  • Legendary Loot Midget Engineer
  • Legendary Loot Midget Combat Engineer
  • Legendary Loot Wee Gun Loader
  • Legendary Loot Wee Jet Loader
  • Legendary Loot Wee War Loader

I think these are all the unique enemies in the game. If you see any mistakes, omissions or have anything to add, let me know and I’ll update the list.


Don’t you have to encounter mad mike in the bloodshot strong hold?

Savage Lee always spawns near the bully mongs in that one area, but he has a chance to spawn near the fast travel station as well.

Yes, but if I remember correctly, there is no actual mission objective to kill him or any specific call out to his name during the mission. Am I wrong about that? That’s the only reason I decided to add him to the list and I actually considered leaving him out. If you people feel it’s wrong or confusing to have him listed, I’ll remove him.

You mean he can spawn at both places at the same time? If that’s the case, I’ll move him to the guaranteed spawns section. Actually, I think I’ll move him anyway. It makes a lot more sense. Do you know if Bonehead 2.0 and Mr. Bubbles/Lil’ Sis are guaranteed spawns?

EDIT: Moved Savage Lee to guaranteed spawns.

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Yes he can. I believe Bone Head is a guaranteed spawn as well, but Mr. Bubbles and Lil’ Sis are not.

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Loot Midget Psycho, Loot Midget Nomad, Loot Midget Goliath are the ones I can think of. Afaik, these enemies spawn like random enemies, instead of jumping out of a box. I believe this is also the case for Loot Midget Rats, but I could be wrong. I haven’t come across the Rat- or the Goliath version, but I’ve stumbled on the other two a couple of times.

Since they’re not jumping out of a box, I don’t think they have the same loot pool as LLM’s, or maybe I’ve just been unlucky.

In the Mines of Avarice I just saw a Spider Pants enemy- looked like a bandit with the lower half of a spider attached. Just wish I had remembered to take a screen shot or make a game clip of him…:disappointed:

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That was included in response to a thread on the old forums. Someone made the typo “spiderpants” in a post, and it became a bit of a meme. There was considerable excitement when TTAoDK came out and someone discovered Spiderpants in the game.

I do wonder whatever became of the guy who made the typo in the first place, though…