Rare Enemy Spawn Event

Dome if these rare spawns are mission related. My question is do you have to get the side mission everytime before killing said person (Red Jabber & Princess Tarantulla) it can you just go to there spawn and farm from there? I haven’t done either side mission once so would I need to do it at least once to proc future spawns? Anyone help on them questions?

i ran into red jabber very first time in the zone on my first play through without any quest buddy so its not needed to meet him / spawn him.

I will say though its the only time I bumped into him so he must be fairly rare.

Yeah was gonna farm him for the rare spawn event he spawns grenade mods so hoping for a Hex!

you are going to have fun , or not :slight_smile: been killing him , pops up 1 out of 4 times , and yet have to see a legendary drop. On the other side , plenty of legendary drops cleaning the area around it due to a lot of badasses and loot monkeys.

Don’t return to the game so quickly, when you quit give the title screen a few seconds first. I’m on power troopers today, doing mother tomorrow and red after that. Already got 2 leg mods and they are spawning every time not rushing through the menu

Edit - just got 2 leg mods from one run… This event seems to be more promising at least

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i farming rare spawn now for 5 houre and not really got a lot of legs…

Rakkman x50 kills 2 legs

El Dragon Jr x30 kills 4 legs , hard to get him spawn

Road Dog x10 kills over 1 hour try to get him spawn but he really dont show up … 0 legs

Those board missions are because your friends saw the spawn, and that let’s you go see it

Oo nice might pop on and check it out tomorrow not been in game for a couple of days to shed some of the burn out lol.