Rare loot midgets

My latest adventure in BL2: trying to get one (or more) of the rare midgets to spawn. Back on PS3, I saw a Legendary Loot Midget Rat in Sawtooth, up by where you destroy Boombringer, and unfortunately could not get a screenshot/video of it. I’m determined to get at least one of these to spawn again.

So my question is: are these rare midget spawns exclusive to Sawtooth? Has anybody seen one elsewhere? I’m just wondering if there are other places I could run to get a little variety; either way, I’m determined to find another.

Not Exclusive, just more likely. Midget types are set by the enemy pool of the area. If the place could spawn rats, you are likely to see a rat loot midget. Sort of how loader midgets (and Jimmy Jenkins) are more likely to spawn in areas with hyperion enemies.

Here, some tips on spawning LLMs in SC.

Nope. You’ll get loot midgets pretty much everywhere except Sanctuary and Claptrap’s place. In UVHM they become legendary loot midgets. Search for info on “Doctor’s Orders” quest for a way to get four LLMs every time (don’t pick up the mission echoes!). Sawtooth is a great place, especially the area below and to the right of the map entrance/fast travel. Thousand Cuts can be decent, also Opporunity, and the WEP. Had quite a few scare the living daylights out of my in Bloodhost Stronghold as well. Note that they even spawn from poop piles and lockers, so once you’ve cleared an area of red dots, open/smash EVERYTHING.

Edit: Ninja’d! That’s what I get for typing up a longer reply…

I love Thousand Cuts for farming, especially during Rocko’s. I usually get 2-3 in the bandit camp, then another 2 on the way to The Bunk3r.

The little monkeys haven’t been kind to me lately though, not a single legendary drop.

I prefer Caustic Caverns Runs as follows (no loot midgets):
Outside Door, pull Varkids and pit them against Crystalisk to level. Repeat until no more spawn.
Go over bridge, pull Varkids from cave and pit them against Crystalisk. Repeat until no more spawn.
Run through infested warehouse to save point. Backtrack and run around warehouse until no more spawns.
Loot Minecraft
Run through Minecart Mischief doors until Door on right, Pull Varkids and farm here until no more spawn.
Run into Deep Core 6, Pull varkids to the pit and hide under platform w/ truck. Farm here until no more spawn.
Exit to Spider Ant area, and run through here killing everything.
Ascend to the top of the tower, killing everything.

Usually I get 4 tubbies or more, and 2 Ultimate Varkids, plus 3 red chests, and the BadAss creeper.

I know all the details on regular old loot midgets, but I’m talking about the Legendary Loot Midget Rat, Psycho, Nomad, and Goliaths that spawn like regular enemies.

Thanks anyway though.

Presumably LLM Rats can spawn in any area that normally has Rats (The Fridge, Sawtooth etc.)
And the same for LLM Psychos, Nomads and Goliaths. Although I have no idea if those 3 actually exist.

I want a loot midget Thresher, named Lawrence.

Other than the Psycho (who can be fairly regularly seen in the fourth round of Fink’s Slaughterhouse), I have only heard of the others (Rat, Goliath, and Nomad) in that section of Sawtooth Cauldron. That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible that they won’t spawn elsewhere, but as far as I know, that’s where to get them.

These Loot Midgets spawn like regular enemies, and doesn’t share the same loot pool as LLM’s afaik. They usually just drop some ammo. But they’re fun!

Same. I find it to be a very relaxing way to kill some time.

Right, but have you seen a Legendary Loot Midget in Thousand Cuts that wasn’t a Marauder?

I’m assuming that you refer to the Slab section of Thousand Cuts, in which case the answer is no. But the climb up to Control Core Angel is also a part of TC, and there you have the Loader and Engineer versions of the LLM’s.

True! I always forget that this ascent is part of Thousand Cuts. Still, I still haven’t seen one of the rare types up there either.

Must be something in the water in Sawtooth, seems like that’s where all the freaks spawn.

I have run into the mini goliaths and some of the other midget types in Frostburn Canyon. I think the reason you see more in Sawtooth - especially in the main camp down to the right of the map entrance - is simply because there are a LOT of bandits there, so the odds of seeing a rare midget making an appearance per session goes up.

Was it a “Legendary Loot” midget Goliath? The regular midget Goliaths are common enough where standard Goliaths are.