Rare missions in sanctuary-bugged?

Hi there!
I tried to have Side Mission achievement and I cannot complete it. This is due to “rare kill target missions” from Sanctuary.

I have May hours of play and I always took every mission I find. My board in sanctuary is empty for weeks. Anyone gave the same problem?

I’m playing every day. Really! Only once I missed almost a week due to a business trip! And yet those missions are the only ones missing for me.

I don’t get it as I don’t get it with the rare enemy spawn implementation. Rare in my vocabulary means once in 5 tries might not be there. Or close to this. Now many times one in 7-8 tries might be there.

However, I strongly believe that having these missions refreshed every 2 days or so will not broke in any way the game. On the contrary!!

I donno what to do. There is no much to do anyway, what harm will do having the quests? Help? Thanks!

From what I’ve read, it’s dependent on how many friends you have linked your account to.

I play solo on PC and don’t even have the bounty board.

So, if you want more missions, my understanding is you need to link more friends to your game/account.

You could do the proving grounds missions to do side missions, if you’re more working on the achievement and less so on rare bounties.

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@kenziesilk I don’t think they will do such thing to limit your achievement by the number of friends. Besides, for me should not be an issue. Even though most are taking a break from borderlands atm as there is nothing to do.

As I said, I did all quests done. Including a few times the repeatable ones.

I changed to normal instead of TVHM and I sit a couple. And finally I got tgg thy d achievement!

I also scanned 6-7 times in a row the slab from sanctuary to trigger the eridian writings achievement as is known since a long time that idle bugged. I just need the firing range one and I’m 100%


I didn’t used to have Sloth & Captain Thunk appear until I took my account off hidden. I never got a bounty message on them though.

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