Rare Purples for trade - These any good?

I truly picks these up and save just based on what players tell me is popular. Truthfully i have never used one.

  1. are any of this even worth holding onto?
  2. does anyone want to trade for any of these?

LF - SNTL gear lv 53, especially Infinity, shredifiers, lucians, etc - Ice breakers and victory rush, recurring grenades

quite a few look good to me. I like the one shooter shield, the MIRV tactular grenade, and the cost effective Q with SNTNL. What do you want in trade?

I have a transformer shield anointed level 53. The anointments are ASE shock, SNTNL, incendiary, & cyro. I also have
(all level 53) Maggie 125% damage vs bosses, Night hawking ASE 50 corrosive, cloning hunter seeker ASE 50% radiation, Cutsman corrosive ASE 125 % splash dam, Cutsman fire 5% weapon damage, Infinity cryo ASE 75% radiation, Shocking AAA 100% damage Rakk Attack, Shreddifier x2 shock, Dictator x6 Gamma burst, Maggie phase cast 250% damage, Baby maker cryo phase slam 300% damage, Double penetrating Roisen Thorns x2 160% splash damage, Firestorm ASE 50% shock, Moxxi pair ASE 50% radiation, sleeping giant SMG with 130% weapon damage with clone swap, Lucian’s call cryo with kill enemy 5% damages increase that stacks, Recursion with 100 weapon damage, Wedding invitation 125% bosses, Storm Front ASE 50% radiation, etc. Let me know. Thanks GT = Tom dot 66

That cloning maddening grenade looks pretty sweet what do you need

If you were on PS4, you would have 25 people trying to get that one shotter. We don’t have an ASE element one shotter at all

What do u want for that one shotter shield? I have a cryo lucians call no annoitment, amongst other 100% cryo sntl weapons just not sure atm as I’m offline,when I am I’ll post the ones I have here with 100% cryo sntl.

I like the quickie, i have a lot of sntnl stuff

Items I would like:
One-Shotter Shield ASE 50% Shock (Any other if you have more)
Cloning Maddening Tracker On Grenade
Stuffed Lump SNTNL 100%

My Trades: