Rare Skins and Heads

I’m looking to trade for the following skins and heads (farming hasn’t been working):

  • Whiteout (Skin, Zer0)
  • G4l4h4d (Head, Zer0)
  • Ninja Rose (Skin, Maya)
  • Kawaii Killer (Head, Maya)
  • Boatmurderer (Head, Salvador)
  • Superduperfly (Head, Salvador)
  • The Baron (Head, Salvador)

I have roughly $20 million, a variety of rare heads/skins and most orange gear at level 50 to offer. Hmu if interested.

I’ll keep an eye out for these. There are some ultra rare heads & skins I want/need and I’ve only recently started keeping rare ones that I’ve already unlocked, such as the Bunker head for Axton last night & ones from Terra, Saturn etc. I checked & I don’t have any spares from your list, yet.

I wish GB would release some codes for all the heads/skins from Henry & Son of Moth. I must’ve farmed Henry 500 times this year & nothing… & everytime I kill Moth the loot either falls through the floor or somewhere inaccessible.