Rare spawn DLC bosses and dedicated drops

We have obviously discussed the issues with rare spawn enemies ad nauseum on these forums, so I’ll try to keep this as short as I can. (If you don’t feel like reading, feel free to skip to the poll.)

First off, I appreciate the effort here by Gearbox to the extent that they made the ordinary rare spawns into regular spawns, as well as the fact that these new rare spawns drop more legendaries in general. These bosses are certainly more rewarding than the old rare spawns were, and I suspect this, like many other recent decisions, has been a result of player feedback. This is a good thing.

Having said that, if the rare spawns were a random addition to area with a boosted chance of drops, that’d be great. However, a number of exclusive drops are tied behind them, so to get certain items with appropriate anoints for our builds, we now have to spend hours or days running to a boss that isn’t even there most of the time. This is discouraging, and frankly, not fun to do. Bare in mind that some of the new items vary dramatically in damage because of parts (as much as 50% in at least one case) to say nothing of dealing with the massive variety of anointments that can spawn. If we want general DLC drops, farming an actual boss is still much more satisfying, because we spend most of our time actually fighting the boss, as opposed to running to the spawn location, hoping to see our target.

So, how does everyone feel about the new addition of rare spawns that usually drop legendaries, but rarely drop their dedicated items? Would you like to see their dedicated drops added to the world drop pool, an increase to their dedicated drop rates, or none of the above?

  • The rare spawn DLC should spawn every time or drop their dedicated item every time
  • Add the DLC dedicated drops to the world drops in the DLC
  • Leave rare DLC bosses as they are

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I think it would work better for them to be like the Unkempt Harold in BL2, where the boss almost always spawned, but had multiple possible locations in the map that they could spawn at.

I remember mostly farming the Harold from the shops. Having said that, I’d be open to almost any idea that made farming the new dedicated items more fun. I’m a bit dissappointed that all the new Jakob’s snipers require farming either chests or a rare spawn enemy. For me, a good part of end game is trying out new builds, and honestly, taking a “play with what you find” precludes any builds locked behind dedicated drops.

I definitely agree. I don’t like the idea of rare spawns. I think it’s used to extend play time, but really it’s just frustrating. And like you said with the shear number if anountments, parts, and elements it’s kind of a drag. I was really excited when gearbox decided to remove rare spawns in the original BL3 and have them spawn everytime. Seeing them back in the dlc was a disappointment for me, especially after the 180 in the original game.

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I suppose I’m all for extending playtime, provided the additional time is fun. Rare, hard to get items aren’t an issue in and of themselves, but locking them exclusively behind rare spawns and chests encourages highly repetitive gameplay. If the items drop prohibitively rarely, this isn’t fun. People who are willing to farm bosses for hours on end - frankly, myself included - would still do so just to get the right anointment and parts, even if the items dropped every time the boss appeared.

Alternatively, adding these items to the general loot pool would let people who like to grind still do it, and those who like more varied activities do what they like, and still have a chance to eventually get that item with just the right barrel, the right anointment, the right element, etc.