Rare spawn dropping really mediocre Legendaries

Went after some rare spawns as its the event, ended disappointed with the loot they drop. I mean whats the point hunting them if the loot is not up to expectations.
Any of you guys got good stuff from them?

The dragon unleashed relic is absolutely brutal for a melee build.

The rest of the item are crap

Havent seen anyone going melee build yet

Not really, but then again I have already farmed a lot of good gear. Most legendaries aren’t even worth me picking up unless they have an anointment that beats the anointment I already have (which hasn’t been for a while now). and that right there is the issue.

Just because something drops doesn’t mean it’s actually going to be good. So they drop a class mod. It’s even the flavour you want with an acceptable skill distribution. If it’s got 3 mods on it that are no good to you and no Anointment then its not worth picking up unless you don’t already have one.

I’ve got a com with +Grenade Damage, + Splash Damage and + Torgue Reload speed on my Moze Class Mod. It’s even the class mod I wanted. The chances of ever getting one that good with an anointment that’s beneficial to me? Two chances, Buckleys and none. Anything up to what I already have is just not worth picking up.

If you mean solid legendary items otherwise, then yeah, a couple.

The Red Jabber was a good farm because there’s the Red Jabber himself, a bunch of Badass Jabbers, 1-5 thieving jabbers per run, plus a Jacobs crate that drops legendary items 10 feet from the Red Jabber’s spawn.

I got a MIRV Widowmaker and a Rain Firestorm from the Red Jabber himself and a couple decent anointed items from the rest in a couple of hours.

Got 2 el dragon relics, a bunch of mods, 3 redlines, 2 horizons, red jabber didnt give me anything i didnt have already, tarantella gave me an anointed hive, and I got a masterwork form the midget near killavolt

Not bad for me.

Better than what you already have?

My second horizon was better than the first one, my hive i had was not anointed so that was an upgrade too.

The red line were the same, just trying to farm up a cryo version.

The masterwork crossbow seems pretty crappy but I only used it briefly.

Dragon relics were same, I farmed one for my son.

I’ve pulled at least 25 mods off the troopers.

Red jabber didnt give me what I was after. But he did drop nade mods, the bad asses near him also dropped legendaries and I saw a few in the chest near him.

The mom of dragons didnt give me anything. Screw her. Gravy is better for relics but he doesnt drop class mods alot for me, maybe 1 every 8 to 10 runs.

I’ve only targeted rare spawns I was interested in.

It’s actually a “DOT skill”, it rely around this relic that scale on your melee damage and other elemental talent that Amara have to inflict a mean fire DoT.

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is this skill viable when you’re facing a few annoiteds and badasses?

Gotten myself plenty of legendary COMs from the Force Troopers. 11/1 would recommend.

yeah, my melee amara did 20k dots on annoited with her melee. it was brutal. i have a butcher with 300% weapon damage after phaseslam. so i ran i melee focused shotgun build! Phaseslam, melee then go ham. gotta say, there isn’t much that outlives that one

i found a cryo horizon when i leveld my zane at around lvl 32… it lasted me to 44… and it single handedly carried me through slaughter house.

It’s not even all that useful on Amara unless life stealing can also come on that relic as a bonus modifier. To do anything in Mayhem 3, you need a source of life stealing for melee, and sustainment isn’t it.

Rng is not on my side, I have no legendary weapons of any kind.

I’m playing her without lifesteal, so obivously not reliant on it, especially since I run a melee build with phasezerk so I barely have any talent for survival. Just use your skill properly to CC enemies

Also Amara is currently a bit reliant on life steal ONLY cause her Samsara skill is broken and don’t offer health regen as intended.

Overall I don’t encourage a full on melee build for the very reason that annointed tink and militant are immune to DoT, and some boss are hard to mele, hence you need to rely on gun to kill them

In M3 when I get the elemental damage bonus, I can litteraly melee every enemy once and just run to the next one while they die. Only problem are enemy immune to fire

My point exactly.

A fun on melee build is, IMO, the best build for multiplayer Amara. You just run around dishing crow control and igniting every enemy. You just suck on enemy that are immune to fire, to dot, or that you can’t reach