Rare Spawn Enemies

Before you say anything yes I am trying to get the Roid Rough Rider. I only want to get new legendaries I don’t have yet. However, it is getting pretty frustrating having to sit and wait for 10 minutes until the little fu**** comes of out his hiding hole. Whoever decided to put Rare Spawn Enemies in the game needs a good hit upside the head. The drop rate is horrendous and I’m losing interest because of it. At least change it so that the enemies spawn but it may take longer for them to drop it. I love Borderlands but come on.


I actually agree I am trying to get elemental Pheberts. And I have only gotten shock. I actually didn’t think it could be elemental for 2 months.

On PC? I’ve got a roid one: looking for any of the new MM4 Legendaries.

People on friends list finding rare spawns should make a poster appear in sanctuary to make that rare spawn appear as a quest objective. So I guess 1 way to speed the progress would be to add more friends that actively play the game or are trying to farm the same rare enemy.

they should spawn every time like savage lee
and doc mercy, etc, did in borderlands 2.

having wick and warty not spawn “7”
straight times? :frowning:

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Doc mercy and savage lee were named enemies that were an quest objective to a normal side quest. There were other rare spawns though in BL2 like Jimmy Jenkins

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Personally I like the concept of rare spawns. We had a couple in BL 2 too, like the spider (forgot her name atm) that dropped the Nukem I think it was. I love farming that thing. And drop/spawn rates weren’t all that bad in BL2. But in BL 3 they are handled pretty bad imo.

First of all, don’t make them drop some of the best shields in the game, Re-Charger (Urist McWhatevs his name), Stop-Gap (El-Dragon jr), Rough Rider as mentioned in the OP, the list goes on (check the loot list online, many shields only drop from rare spawns). And as many said before me, drop rates on those are pretty bad.

2nd, I rather prefer not to have them have fixed spawn locations, and make them spawn randomly in the game. Maybe per area? But give them a small guaranteed lootsplosion instead of dedicated drops. Could be fun seeing El Dragon spawn in the middle of a slaughter shaft round!

Otherwise I’m ok with them for the moment, as I don’t intend to farm any of them anyway, unless they do another event as when they did with Anniversary Event. That was pretty fun! I’d rather farm SS or Graveward and hope for the best!

Has more to do with this:

What it explains is that like Rare enemies, you need to wait for the rare spawn PLUS you have a very low dedicated drop chance. It is ok to be rare, but bump the dedicated loot.


Roid Rough Rider is a World Drop item. You’re better off trying to farm it off of Graveward than you are the dedicated drop location. I’ve literally had dozens of them drop from Graveward. It’s one of the more common shields from him.

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There is a thing on luck up loaded dice. It actually is less effective than just a general luck up on a relic. You also get less anointed weapons from the drops. They nerfed the loaded dice back when they added M4 in November.