Rare spawn event work right?

HI,i play many hours and check many rare spawn location and i have friends but after 5 hours i see only 4 rare and i have 1 bounty hunt only .ITS OK?HOW many i must have friends in game then need find more rare 10000 or 1000 000 ??? omg
and when i kill this ULTRA rare mobs this boss drop NOTHING!!! only few money and eridium no one weapons or others items its OK?
and when i complet bounty hunt mission rewards is only few money/exp ? this is crazy 58k money and 15k exp nothing more ? 58k i have when i sell one rpg omg and exp when i kill 4 badass in m3 i have 3x more exp and loot.

Is it live now?

…and what sort of rare spawns are even in the game? I’m not even sure what to look for.

Yes, it’s live.
Farmed demoskagons bc I’m looking for anointed transformer OR tortoise.
30 tries and they didn’t show a single time.

“Demoskagons” :laughing:

…haven’t even seen nor heard of these fellas. How/where would they show up?

The draught on Pandora. Little circle, right from eridian writting.

Ok - it’s on for a week (and I’m off to bed here shortly), but I’ll look after that the next time I’m online. :+1: