Rare spawn hunt, looking for friends to make the notice board spawn (?)

Hi all, I’m a relatively new player but just reached 50 with my first character and I was wondering why the notice/bounty board has not shown up aboard the Sanctuary?

Do you still need to have someone on your friend list that has killed one of the rare spawns for it to show up? I searched about it but did not see a solution other than this one.

Would someone mind adding me if that is still the case? My PSN is Hottpockett1

Thanks a ton!

ill add you in a bit

i was under the ,pression if a friend had been killed by that spawn, then it shows up bud

The bounty only garentes it. Otherwise its hit or miss if it shows up. If anybody wants to add me my psn is patrickceriello
Just put forum in the message.


I have no idea I’m still learning as I go lol

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ok will do, thank you!

we are all constantly learning the nuances in the game bud - thats part of what makes it interesting :ok_hand:

Guys, what’s the process for getting all the bounty board missions to show up? I have a few friends online but i’m only seeing one bounty mission.

Go to sanctuary and start the quest by clicking on the bounty posters.

Or just wait for the event to start tomorrow.