Rare spawn hunt, looking for friends to make the quests spawn (?)

Hi. So I’m still confused about this one, but I read some posts, where they said, that you have to have somebody on your friends list, who already killed them, so the quest will spawn for you as well, WHEN that friend joins your game? OR adding a friend who killed them is enough without joining your game? I also read that, unlocking that certain area where that boss is, you could POSSIBLY get the Rare Spawn quest in the mission board in Sanctuary. Honestly, I don’t remember having any Rare Spawn quests in Sanctuary. I found almost all of the bosses without the quests while exploring, killed them of course, but I still want to complete it in a quest. I’m also curious if these missions are repeatable (the spawns I know they are, randomly), curious if you killed a Rare Spawn boss first, BEFORE even accepting the Rare Spawn quest, will these quest appear ever in the mission board? I’m looking for people to add me as a friend, who DID complete these missions, to figure it out how is this working. I’m playing on PC, feel free to comment anything about this topic, since I don’t find proper information about this one, nor any affirmation how this works.

I also would like to know how this works. Hopefully someone has figured it out and can explain.

On Xbox , assuming similar functionality on PC … from what I’ve observed …

  • The rare spawn / bounty missions are repeatable. The rare spawn / bounty mission will appear on the sanctuary board. If you accept the mission, it’s removed from the board (and will be in your active mission list). When you kill the spawn, the mission will auto-complete (even if it’s not the currently selected mission at the time). If the rare spawn / bounty mission then later shows back up in Sanctuary, then you can re-do / repeat it.

  • The rare spawn / bounty missions seem to be given most reliably when 1) you are in-game (and in “online” mode) and 2) a friend kills a rare spawn (again, in “online” mode for an area you’ve already unlocked). They seem to be given at the time of the kill, and not retroactively for all rare spawns all of your friends have killed. They also aren’t given if you and the friend are in the same lobby.

  • Yes, I had several rare spawns that I killed from them spawning outside of a given mission / quest and then later had bounty missions for them show up in Sanctuary. So you can kill a rare spawn “randomly” once (or even many times) and then later as a bounty mission.

  • In TVHM, I’ve had several rare spawn missions show up as soon as I unlocked an area. Not sure if these were “randomly” given, or if it’s because a friend had killed the spawn, but the mission just doesn’t show till you’ve unlocked an area.

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Also I’m not too sure about some of the interactions across TVHM / NVHM (or multiple characters). If a friend kills a rare spawn in NVHM, do you get the mission in TVHM? NVHM? Both? Do you get it for just the character you’re playing? All characters? Etc.

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The bounty board is the one across from golden key chest?

The bounty board is the one across from golden key chest?



Well, thank you for the information. Yeah, guess it’s really similar on PC. Since I can call myself a completionist, and I first “discovered” these rare spawns, I was a bit worried, because none of my friends play BL 3. At least I know what to do now. Add random friends from matchmaking, forums, internet, twitch, anywhere, anyhow, just do it somehow :smiley: thank you again Sir.