Rare spawn in Guardian Takedown?

So in the first area of the Guardian Takedown I have noticed a random guardian that spawns every so often. It seems to be a named enemy as it just says Reaper as their name. I haven’t seen any new or unique drops from it yet but I was wondering if anyone else had seen it.

They always seem to come in twos for me, but yeah. I think they might spawn if you move forward fast? Or at least when I see them it’s when I go to the door fast.

I have only noticed one at a time. Maybe I just don’t see the other?

I’ve seen them one or two at a time. I can tell when they show up because the edges of my screen get weird. I assumed it was if you killed the enemies too fast. or moved forward too fast. You know, another way destroy any fun people might be having.

Are they the speed run police??? Lmao

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Haha, Eridian Hall Monitors, cursed to spend eternity handing out detention slips to Vault Hunters who speed through the content too fast.

Wait till you get a load of the PE Teacher Raid Boss. I hope you like dodge ball…only with elemental explody-orbs.

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If you can dodge an elemental explody-orb, you can dodge a ball.

Also, what part of “sudden death” didn’t you understand?


You can tell when they enter an area, because you’ll get a weird effect around your field of vision.

They don’t seem abnormally hard… they feel like the “Muscles” of the Guardian mobs. Uncommon, but not much burlier than the locals?

I feel like they should have a unique drop. A rare-ish spawn in a Takedown, why not put some sort of unique in their loot pool? This seems to be a pretty common question these days though.

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They might? I’ve only seen them in the Guardian Takedown maybe four times in my six or so runs, so if they have some rare piece of loot, it’s quite possible I wouldn’t have seen it.

Anyone get anything from them outside of the typical world rolls?

No (or at least not that I recall). Honestly I think they might have just been something that never got fully put in level design wise. Since they seem to be a deliberately designed new enemy type, but they only appear in one context, and aren’t grossly difficult or rewarding.

Why create a new enemy that situationally spawns in the “toughest content in the game” and not make it at least somewhat rewarding?

Like I said, I don’t think they’re fully put in. But I wouldn’t mind if they made them some kind of speed run mob with a chance to drop something. Still, as is my personal suspicion is just that they’re something that was made by one team then not fully put into the level by another.

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This sounds about right. Not capitalizing on another opportunity due to either lack of communication or time.

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