Rare Spawn Missions: is there any point now?

Since the game has adopted the rare spawn event mode into the regular game is there any point to the rare spawn missions? Do they provide a better chance at dedicated loot or is the cash from the mission the only thing you get that is “extra”?

If it’s just the cash maybe they should be reworked to provide extra chance at rare loot or something else to make them worth doing since the rares now always spawn.

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Drop chance is the same it just means they are always there. If the rare spawn event gets launched they get a unique drop chance boost.

But since the change they are always there now regardless if you have the mission or not…and the loot bonuses from the event were applied to the game permanently…which was the point of my post. Unless I’m incorrect about something?

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Experience from finishing a quest means more guardian ranks, yay!!!

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The loot drop is not boosted afaik I have done 30 runs on Thunk and Sloth and not seen an It’s Piss in the past.

It’s still not a guarantee but they stated after the rare loot event that they were making the event permanent which I assume included the loot bonuses and the rare mobs always being there.

The rare guys are there, but they do not seem to be dropping at the increased rate that they were during the event. The fact that they always spawn will possibly mean that there is still a better chance of dedicated loot.

I hit Jabber, Boreman, Thunk on a regular basis and the drop rate for the associated unique is low ime.

Well if you remember during the event people reported the same thing. Some thought it wasn’t working or if it was…that the increased rate just just be the normal rate. Maybe just bad RNG? Entirely possible it’s also bugged with BL3 track record so far.

I seem to remember that they specifically told us that the drop rate was reverting to normal after the event, but that the increased spawn rate still gave us a better chance for a good drop. I don’t think that I’m just seeing adverse RNG. I did OK during the event, but strangely enough, I had a great RNG run with Borman Nates just before the event that got me a couple of full sets of cutsmans in a relatively short period of time (sadly not anointed). That was my first real attempt at farming, and it spoiled me a bit. I don’t farm enough to have anything like real satistics on RNG changes.

Well I did find a point to these rare missions. I had so many built up that I’m just doing them now for XP to level from 53 to 57. It’s a decent chunk of XP and lets me get to max before starting the new DLC so any new toys I get will be at max level.