Rare spawn week?

Yeah. So I’ve been quit / reloading here at the spot this “mother of grogans” is supposed to appear and I lost count of how long I’ve been sitting here now. Is there something specific I’m supposed to do to initiate it or what? I’m trying to farm some decent Artifacts and she hasn’t spawned once.

How do you peeps find out about the unique enemies? Is there somewhere in-game where you can see where they spawn? Are they Hammerlock enemies? Or do we have to wiki them.

I googled it, lol.


This is what I’ve been using

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When you enter her room, hop over the chest in the middle onto the broken pillar and she and her dragons should spawn on the ledge in front of you.

K… I figured it out. You just have to climb the broken pillar right behind the chest.

Yep. I just got done typing as your response popped up. Thanks for the response though.

Happy farming!

:+1: … Yeah, we’ll see how nice the RNG gods will be to me.