Rare Spawns? Why?

What’s the point? I love BL3 overall but some things just have me scratching my head. Who thought having certain enemies rarely spawn would be fun? So not only do you need to pray to RNGesus for the drop you want (not to mention a anointed roll) but you also have to pray for the enemy to spawn? Most of the time you don’t even shoot because there’s no spawn so it just turns into a “save & quit/ load screen” simulator.

Also, bullet reflect is still stupid regardless of the “nerf” it got. That still doesn’t scream fun.


It gives a bit of randomness to farming.

Some people, myself included, enjoy farming gear and if every mob was always up it would get boring for me.

Now, having said that, they can go overboard on just how rare a specific mob can be as far as getting them to maybe morph from a lower form (looking at you Omnd-Omnd-Ohk!!!)


Rare Enemies exist since BL2, why should it be different in BL3 ?


A random chance to spawn is preferable to a time gated method… Could you imagine only being able to fight an enemy again 7 hours after you last killed it?

Not in Borderlands, rare Enemies have a Percentage chance to Spawn everytime you enter a specific Map like the Mother of the Dragons in Anvil.

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Sorry for the lack of clarification, I was saying I prefer it the current way because alternatives would be annoying - then offered an example.

I see, well rare Enemies may be worth it once they made Dedicated Loot and they are affected by it and drop specific Items like in the previous Borderlands.

I can kinda see the randomness but at the same time it just seems weird to run to a spot, no spawn, save & quit for 30 minutes before he shows up. I wanted a anointed version of the Piss grenade but I’ll just stick with the basic.

It makes the grind a lot longer so I get it really from a dev PoV. A lot of RNG to fight means the more you “play” to get exactly what you want. The good thing is at least we have close save points now.

I’ve seen the rare Enemy which can drop It’s Piss quite frequently last Days even the others but i guess RNG was on my Side at this time lol.

Is farming bosses less fun to you then farming rares?

Because thats what we are talking about (I think). Farming would be essentially useless if the item you want would drop every time but thats not the case. Randomization of the items, legendaries, item make-up and possible annoitment already ensures farming potential that is immense.

So I understand the argument but I m not sure its an issue to be honest. Normally rares are irrelevant to progression, story or as a source for good loot. Most of the time they are linked to an achievement that gives certain people the motivation to go for them. And even if unique drops are granted they are mostly gimmicky and not “the best”. I wasnt even aware that BL3 had rare spawns until the event hit which suddenly forces everybody to look for them if they want the rewards.

My wife was also highly frustrated by this. We checked for the rakman 2 or 3 times then she noticably became agitated and gave up. I continued to check for him until I got him (attempt 4 or 5 I think, wasnt too bad) then called her over to join my game. Might help that I still enjoy general gunplay in Borderlands 3 so missing out on a rare or a boss not dropping what I want isnt much of a problem for me.

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Yeah it’s not a huge deal but I don’t like the extra RNG added to what you described (getting the loot to drop, the roll, etc etc). I just moved on and did other things. Piss guy is the only one I really tried to farm as far as rare spawns go, just wanted a anointed version but oh well.

I remember spending days and days trying to spawn Vermi in bl2 just to get the kawaii killer head for maya. I’d get it to spawn maybe 1-2 times a night and then it wouldn’t drop anything. Borderlands has always been grindy but when the item you want finally drops it’s pure dopamine release.

Or what about trying to get Omnd-Omnd-Ohk to spawn. I got him to spawn a few times and luckily got a twister. He was the worst! Talk about a grind.

Rare Spawns? Why?

Why not?

I’m calling it now…
All rare spawn enemys will have “best” legendarys when dedicated drops come.
It will be hard to get item you want…
Anointed gear will be super rare.
And there are way more legendary items then bosses, so crowded loot polls here we go again

I like randomly running into one. I’ll always do a quick run past if I’m in the area. Plus the bounty system is cool, if 1 friend finds it you get a guarantee spawn and vice versa. And because you can’t farm gives a less repetitive feel to them.


One of the many quality of life changes made in BL3 is entering a game at new u stations you recently passed. Honestly this doesn’t bother me IF the drop chances are offset to accommodate the designe. In World of Warcraft Most Rare Spawns in the older expansions had guaranteed drops for gear, vanity items, or crafting reagents. This made coming across one exciting as you knew you where going to get something.

BL3 needs to have this I mind. Having two stages of RNG vastly reduces favorable probability. It’s like having a rare enemy that has a chance to drop a box and that box has a chance to have something you want inside. In that scenario your better off looking else were for more favorable odds.

The long and short of what I am saying is if I find a rare mob on Mayhem 3 it should have a high chance to drop legendary loot otherwise after 4 or 5 times of seeing that enemy I’m not going to bother going out of my way to even check if it has spawned.


I’ve seen people talking in here about dedicated loot coming and rare spawns.

Y’all, most of the rare spawns already have dedicated drops.

This is part of the reason why I feel like the chances for these already rare enemies to drop legendary loot. If we don’t see loot often from an enemy it can be hard to determine if it is a world drop or spicific to that sorce. Unless we get verification from the devs that is XD.

Even further back tbh, there were some in bl1.

I love them. Gives me something to hunt. Just make sure you have a reason to be in their area. Or grind a bit while there then reload.