Rarest gear in the game

Just stumbled upon a Gravity Salvo Firestorm grenade. It’s rain + singularity. First time this dropped for me. Have you found some unusual stuff yet? I’m wondering… maybe there’s a Transformer with a second/third slot.

I got one of those also. Thanks for the description, I haven’t tried it yet.

Picture pls

I use this sometimes with Moze :laughing:

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I love the echo! Not sure why though lol. I had all the anoints at lvl 50 and am currently collecting them all at lvl 53

Also found me a bullet hell grenade not too long ago.

So this dropped, I must be lucky lol

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They are pretty rare but not as rare as a Vindicator Ghost Call. I think the rarest items are purple shields/grenades with triple the same roll like the One Shotter shield.

I think the reason it says not to look at it, is because it claims to be Tediore but if you turn it around and look at the back it’s stamped with Dahl.

There isn’t rarest things in this game… The only thing rare is the thing you need xD


Rare and exclusive are two different things, just like the wedding invite the ghast call isn’t rare it’s just gone :sob:.

On another note I have a rain firestorm and a singularity but not that godly grenade.

The Weisenheimer.

…oh wait wrong Borderlands…

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Literally just rag dolls everyone for easy killings. Only one I’ve ever seen.

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I just got a lvl53 Killswitch shield with 50% cryo on ASE. It was in my lost loot. I wonder how many more of the triple shields I’ve passed up