Rarest grenades?

What are the rarest grenades that people are seeing out there that most people have not?

For example I have been trying for hours to get the It’s Piss grenade from Thunk and Sloth with failure.

Is it even any good? Any others?

Zooie on Xbox

For Moze players it’s the Cloning Maddening Tracker with the 25% annointment.


Any anointed one with recurring for sure

The its piss grenade is good but its situational, nice having a good shock grenade quasar/storm front, most grenades are good as long as they have the right anointment on it though, there is plenty of epics that even get the job done, try farming vending machines especially the ones on the proven grounds/SS arena’s

Anything with triple Force… not sure it can even spawn.

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Mitosis prefix seems to be pretty rare… I think I have only got one… maybe two.

I have an Echo-2 with a 25% grenade, weapon, and AS anointment… If you’re asking for OP grenades, then try an Epicenter.

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Hunter Seeker can spawn with Mitosis prefix. I’ve never seen it. Definitely rare. Not to mention getting a specific annointment on it

That’s the one I got from somewhere (not a farmer…) - gives me warm and fuzzy feeling knowing it is rare, I guess… :wink:

That’s awesome

I’m pretty sure mine is a mitosis hex.

I have a Recurring Hex with a +50% Radiation Damage to weapons on ASE anointment. It’s great, I don’t even have to use them, just having them equipped adds the radiation damage to any gun I’m using on ASE.

That is awesome! All i have found or seen is recurring ones with the anointment to regen grenades,

As I play Mose as my main I am always farming vendors for grenades clonning maddening tracker or any devider mirv with anointment,mitosis hunter seeker is a world drop,1 no anointment on mine,only hex so far clonning no anointment,and many other legendary nades with anointment(stormfront quasar firestorm,I used to overlook some blues and purples but take my time when looking at loot now and praying to RNGesus for good drops

The piss is probably indeed the rarest because it’s a non-guranteed drop from a rare spawn. Depending on your build it can be absolutely awesome or horrendously bad, it really depends on if you need to rely on grenades as a source of damage. The It’s Piss simply has a fair bit of utility but is not at all powerful, a bit like the magic missile in Borderlands 2.

Agreed, i got lucky, i have one that regen the grenades and one that give me terror

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I have only found the cluster f**k grenades twice, not sure how rare they are but one grenade divides into three and the three divide into three more each, so a total of 13 grenades per one grenade thrown. great for groups of enemies. each grenade that does damage increases grenade damage by 20%. none that I have found have been annointed yet.

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I have 2 of them rad and cryo, wish I had a use for them. They move so slow it’s not great for Vampyr proccing at all. I kept them hoping they’d shoot crits to hit redistribution.

Do you still have them? I am looking for those grenades!