Rat ultimate deal too much dmg

Rat ultimate deal near 2k dmg aoe in large radius. This is dead for all who under control or stuck in mobs, or something.

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You can stun him to get him out of his ult, same goes for ISIC

rath* can even be punched away. Doesnt even need to be a stun… Knock ups work, ghalts chain works, any ability that pushes away works, escapes work like deande or orendi. Its really strong but its avoidable for sure.

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Use quick melee and punch him away. This always ends the ultimate.

Isic is somewhat different since it has a charge during allowing for jukes, isic really has no CC combo for a guaranteed kill, and he pays significantly with both vision and mobility, you can die from one person easily just by being flanked and unable to either turn or turn it off and run.
Rath can knockup and do it while your in the air causing you to be stuck on it, he can stun, he can slow, he can silence so you don’t cc him back, he also get’s either lifesteal or spellvamp from it, then he can get either more damage from his shields being broken or movement speed. For dealing of over 2k damage which barely even some tanks have now after nerfing Isic’s health it’s abit much and to be honest a skilled rath doesn’t really need it, it’s abit on the overkill side.

I see your point. And if you are locked down by a Rath that knows how to juggle you, you really can’t do much if you aren’t Benedict, Cal or any other char with a good dash. I think it all comes down to Battleborn being a teamgame and your mates helping you in such a case.


Yea I agree with that as well, much of the time if I am a character with CC i am watching out exclusively for rath or anyone with very harsh engages for my time. When playing against more skilled teams you can see this level of play as teams will be more hesistant in blowing their ulti’s knowing they are being both predicted and possibly countered like Isic reflecting marquis ult LOL.

Rath’s ultimate is about all he has going for him after level 5 to seal any kills.

His melee attacks are pretty average and he’s not that sturdy. Q and E don’t do any sort of phenomenal damage either, they’re good but nothing OMG AMAZING.

Just play characters that can stun or knockback/knockup Rath and his ult is toast.

Kleese can jump on his head and taze him to win

Rath is your typical pub stomp hero. Destroys in experienced players but not great against experienced players. I doubt he will get much play in the tournament scene. I feel like they should nerf the ult and buff him in other places so he is easier for new people to deal with but also useful in more experienced games. Maybe move the ability to attack while sprinting from Gal to him. Makes a lot more sense being on him.

I can’t say for sure but I feel pretty confident that floating above Rath during his ult you still get hit. I think it has a pretty hefty vertical reach. I mean this as in if you try and float at the peak of his Smash knockup.

There’s a bunch of counters, the only problem is that if he does the knock up straight into dreadwind you’re silenced for pretty much the entire time and it’s an automatic kill. Unless you have a teammate there to CC him. Kinda sucks but I guess he’s supposed to be able to 1v1 most any character. Just gets annoying when the enemy rath is literally doing nothing but using dreadwind to kill and you’re playing solo queued.

Quick melee is key

I agree with this most ult deal 500 to 700 damage rath does upto 3000 no joke rath just hit me in the air used ult 3000 health gone cant knock him back while he does this to me he gets a free kill every minute if not more.

Kleese can taze everything to death! That stupid thing even bypasses the shields of Boldur, Galilea and ISIC. But as soon as you physically touch Rath, you’re pretty much toast.