Ratchet and Clank

If you’ve played those games then you’ll know where I’m going with this post

The BL3 guns are boring, I’m bored with this game and haven’t played since the latest screw up of PC players getting the Mac version of the game to download instead of the Maliwan Takedown patch.
And no I did not see anything telling me to cancel the download to get the patch until it was too late. Couple that with max 41Mbps download speed and I had many hours of downloading and redownloading
Up til then had 16 days game time played. And having stuck with the game through thick and thin from day one that was the last straw.

But, I am a fan, I don’t want my purchase to go to waste, I know they are still fixing things and trying to get as good an experience as possible for every player, but by the looks of my friends list, a lot have quit because they are not having a fun or good experience.

Personally I think they need to get much much wilder with the guns, give us sonic exploders, better mind control, tractor beams, grappling hooks, flesh melters that leaves fighting skeletons, meteorites, give us a gun that shoots skags or skag teeth we collect, captures and weaponizes tinks, let us have weapons that steal enemies abilities. That turn us into our enemies with their abilities, that stop combat and we all have a dance off, anything other than bang, bang, f*ck you

Thanks for reading this far and if you think this idea has any merit, please add your own ideas for crazy BL3 weapons, if not, have a nice day and enjoy your game.

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You want the Sheepinator Gun in BL3?

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No the Skagginator :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not a big FPS connoisseur, but honestly I haven’t played any other shooter with crazier guns than Borderlands… Sure there are some with one or two totally mad crazy guns that do weird things, but those are usually just to work as some kind of joke.

Of course they can get more bananas with future guns, and there will be a few in the future, but there are already a ton of guns that offer different playstyles…

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But none of our Vault Hunters are Lombax mechanics making and upgrading their own guns.

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There was a misunderstood part of the hype where I and many others thought we’d be able to customize our guns with parts earned, dropped or salvaged. There’s absolutely nothing like that ingame which is a missed opportunity, other than the vehicles, that from the last time I played needed an overhaul to be able to survive higher mayhem levels.

My idea of more varied and more imaginative guns is just a dream, I know that, it’s far too late in the game to think they’d start making them but it would have been nice to tractor beam a goliath and swing him around as a weapon, or shoot a combination of tink teeth and skag spines

While I most certainly agree the Borderlands franchise has been ahead of the posse with their many and varied weapon types, there’s very little improvement or variation from previous titles meaning those playstyles are extremely similar to the ones gone by.
Ratchet and Clank, although extremely dated now, really pushed the limits of what games weapons could and should be, they had some really fun guns that did all kinds of crazy things, it was a lootershooter puzzle platformer that was very enjoyable at the time. Their craziest weapons did a lot more than shoot bananas or burgers

It’s just my two cents on what could have been.

Ironically Peacemonger is in the game and it’s terrible to try to use effectively.

There’s some wacky guns, but people don’t seem to actually like the “wacky” or incredibly unique guns when it comes to BL3 because they typically are not worth the effort they take to use.

For example, Freeman is a laser guided rocket that is incredibly fun to use and has some crazy damage scaling (I’ve seen up to 8k base unanointed) but it’s so difficult to use why bother compared to Scourge/Hive/any blue or purple launcher.

Scream of Terror/Amara’s Glamour/Fl4k’s Dominance all have mind control, but it disrupts the flow of battle and the enemy AI needs to justify using it. If it isn’t killing the enemy and you can’t control them indefinitely, it’s not really worth it.

You can already shoot meteorites with Shooting Star shield / Facepuncher gun or Tigg’s Bomb shotgun.

Tractor Beams could be cool. Grappling hooks also could be cool (looking at you Doom Eternal).

I mean there’s some entertaining gimmicks in this game, but they are gimmicks in the true, novelty, sense of the word.


@Spudunk It’s funny, when you said “Ratchet anf Clank fans will know where I am going with this,” I thought I did, but then you lost me. I am a huge R&C fan and have been for nearly 20 years - bought the first one as a day one release!

I do not agree that the weapons should be more like Ratchet and Clank. At a certain point, the weapons become so unusable that they are completely detached from reality. I mean they already are, but most of them have some basis in reality, even if it is only appearance. These are human characters in this game, after all.

Where I THOUGHT you were going with this is that several of the area designs and music in BL3 are really, really evocative of old Ratchet and Clank games. Specifically Lectra City and Nekrotafeyo’s cartoony design, layout, and theme music all immediately put me in mind of old R&C games. I mean, when I played Bl3 for the first time and entered those areas, I actually thought, “huh, someone at GBX really likes R&C - that’s cool.”

Now that I think about it, and to your original point, Borderlands already IS kind of the R&C of FPSs, right? But I fail to see how making the weapons even crazier would be fun or, for that matter, actually useful. Too many skill interactions to account for.

Off the top of my head though, there already are a ton of similarities:

Brainstormer = Tesla Claw (I actually thought about this when I first got a Brainstormer and figured out what it did)

Long Musket = Pyrocitor

Freeman = Visibomb

Tediore guns = Minions of Doom and/or Bouncer (MOD name is not correct but you know what weapon I am talking about, guns with legs that home in on the enemy)

Messy Breakup = Mr Zurkon

Torgue RLs = Devastator

Shredda = Buzz Blades

Come to think of it, there are a TON of similarities between Borderlands and R&C. Maybe that is why I like BL so much! Clearly, the devs at GBX also like R&C!


This is true, but these fun and wacky weapons have their place. Look at it from the casual side, many people just play through the game on normal, maybe some side missions and thats it, they’re done and move on. That were these gimmick weapons comes in. They exist for people who just want to shoot weird ass guns and experience all the crazy things that borderlands can offer and a lot of these guns won’t live up to our endgame standard. That’s just because we want more specific, consistent, less random effects. Which is why there are so much less to choose from in endgame and we end up with same set of weapons and items.

People do absolutely want wacky guns in borderlands, us endgame player don’t :slight_smile:

In the “Thank you” video, one of the artists is shown designing a burger gun. Is that actually in the game? Because I want one of those! :hamburger:

Unfortunately a lot of these guns are legendary and if they are, that means most casual players won’t end up getting them based on how difficult they are to find. You either cannot find them intentionally, or you have to hardcore grind dedicated drops (which is by virtue, not casual).

There’s some unique quest items like Peacemonger, which is a direct R&C reference, but most quest items aren’t super unique in the way OP mentioned.

There’s definitely a place for those kinds of guns if my name doesn’t give anything away, but you don’t get too many of those through quests alone and probably won’t experience them in your first playthroughs.

By misunderstood hype, do you mean click bait YouTubers with a “source” making things up as they go along?

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I think this is a side effect to the changes and feedback from us endgame players. Back on release i had quite a lot of legendaries drops during my PT1. I had a lvl22 brainstormer lvl28 flakker but also those weird ones like superball.

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Yes the Burger gun is in the game. I believe it was a side quest reward weapon.

Yes! The Gettleburger.

I’m pretty sure I got that magical nonsense one night with my girlfriend but don’t remember the name of the quest. I think it is a shotgun you got for delivering food.

No, no I don’t, as I never watch that trash, it was talk here and on Reddit.

I understand your points, but it all just gets boiled down to bang, bang f*ck you, no matter the build.
I can play 1, 2, or TPS for and have more fun for some reason. 3 just seems a poor copy of those rather than an innovative improvement.
Yes there’s definitely Easter egg weapons in tribute, they don’t do much and don’t really change play style. It’s just bang bang, special skill throw grenades hide and regen if things get too hairy, bang bang, special skill, throw loads of grenades and somehow it’s less fun than previous games.

It may be the annointments needed to actually make the bang bang + dead, without them its more of a pew pew + tickle
But on topic, we could use an omniwrench…i mean… its snowing gears right now :thinking: