Rate Claptrap DLC, Knoxx, and Dragon Keep from 1-10

I’d like a good clear metric for whether it’s worth the asking price. Thanks!

I’ve played through it once, and did a fair amount of sidequests.

Never played BL1, so I can’t rate the Knoxx DLC.

Honestly, Dragon Keep was the 10. Good loot, good level designs, good atmosphere, good humor, good references, good length, Raid bosses.

So far I’d give the Claptastic voyage an 8. It’s a good addition, though not perfect. Basically, see everything above and instead of it being a 10, it’s an 8. Have yet to find the raid boss.

EDIT: Found the raid boss, and I either got super lucky twice in a row or he has a pretty good lootsplosion. Also I discovered the arena. Bump the clappy voyage up to 8.5



Tiny Tina-7.3

Knoxx - 10
Dragon Keep - 10
ClapTrap - ? (have not played it yet)

I haven’t played it yet. I gave the other two 10 because even with bugs and flaws they were both definitely a must get if you love Borderlands. I loved Zombie Island also, Robolution was good except for the countless find this and that quests. The rest I was not all that fond of. I hope this Claptrap DLC is good because we are only getting one.

Claptrap dlc: 10
Tiny tina: 10
Knoxx: 8

Knoxx: 8
Claptrap: 9
Tina: 10
Knoxx was great but it just didn’t have the heart that the other two did. The claptrap one would be rated higher in my opinion if there weren’t so many weird holes in the environment. (things that should be solid and aren’t, things that probably shouldn’t be solid and are, overabundance of invisible walls). That, however may fade in importance in my mind over time so it might end up where tina’s is for me.

i’d give this dlc a 10/10. its massive and definitely worth the pricetag on it.
it’s better then knoxx and tina IMO

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Knoxx: 9/10 (would be A+ if it weren’t for the highways).
Claptrap: From what I’ve played, I dare to rate it the same as Knoxx.
Tina: 6/7 out of 10, sorry but I just can’t gett into this DLC, story is fine, love the aesthetics but the enemies are so goddamn annoying.

Knox - 4/10 - those highways really ruined the fun of it for me.
Tina - 9/10 - FANTASY!! MEDLEEMEDLEEMEOWW! and exploding skeletons is fun. Points lost for Skeleton Kings.
Claptasic - 9/10 - ShadowTrap was Awesome, There was so much Claptrap, but it looses points by forgetting “The Invincible” on EOS and Eclipse. They aren’t too bad, but they definately beat the crap out of The Invincible Sentinel.

where the hell is the raidboss?

Don’t hesitate.
Hands down the best thing that’s happened to TPS: it’s on par with Tina’s DLC, quality-wise.
And if you’re still unsure, just the check the reviews on Steam.

Knoxx - 8.5/10 - More fast travel stations would bump the score.

Tina - 9/10 - Loved the atmosphere and it has my all time favorite Borderlands Raid Boss fight, the Dragons.

Claptrap - Haven’t played it.

You can do Eclipse and EOS all the way again. Also you can fight SH4D0W-TP in wave 3 Cortex mutator arena on highest (9?) difficulty. Ive tryed it once, havent even scratched the guy barely.

this and
Tina - 10 - actually have to extend the scale for this. I would rate it a 15
Claptasic - 8.5 for the moment. Haven’t finished it yet. quality-wise it’s up there with Tina’s at 15, most minus’s come from making long backtracks (during main mission) back to almost the beginning, the travel stations do help as I find them and when I finish the rating I give it will more then likely go up

Edit: finished- total play time (not including side missions 6hrs)
so Claptasic is now 9.5

Knoxx - 10/10 - The travelling was a bit annoying but was more than made up for by two of the greatest farming experiences across the entire series - the armory and Crawmerax. Guaranteed great loot every single time. Nothing in BL2 comes close

Tina - 8/10 - massive area, hours of gameplay, great humour and equally great value for money. Some of the enemies were a bit annoying and the final boss was a good fight let down by relatively poor rewards.

Claptrap - don’t own TPS so couldn’t tell you!

Knoxx 10/10
Tina 6/10
Claptrap 8/10

The Knoxx dlc had tons of side missions, a couple secret missions, an armory of loot, a great antagonist (everything Knoxx says is golden), and of course the very first Raid Boss.

Tina dlc was good, but I heard it was suppose to be just a big as the Knoxx dlc but I felt it was fairly short, comparing it to the Knoxx dlc that is. Still fun, some great side missions and it was nice to see Roland again.

Claptrap, I just finished. But I rate it higher than the Tina dlc because the final boss was a great challange, the glitched weapons are awesome, and that damn Claptrap song is catchy.

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where is it? I’ve killed denial subroutine and Eclipse/Eos till I was blue in the face but nothing with the “invincible” tag line yet.

To stay on topic:

Knoxx 9/10
Dragon’s keep 10/10
Claptastic voyage 8/10 for far, but I can see this easily saving the pre sequel for me, just need to get some co op action on the go now.

knoxx 8/10
tina 6/10
clap 10/10

just finished solo at normal lvl36 athena with found gear
killed the final boss
in one go and lots FFYL (solo with a glitched fire laser and blue shield !)
never could do that with the dragons
now will start farming some better gear for UVHM

9.5 pancakes out of 10

I am very impressed with the Claptastic DLC. The brand new maps, textures, enemies, and weapons are all great! 9/10

I think Dragon’s Keep was maybe a little better, but it was so good (maybe the best DLC of any game ever), that leaves a lot of room under it. 10/10

Have not played BL1 or Knoxx (yet), so dunno there. ?/10