Rate my build (and my creative topic title)

I don’t spend much time on this board (actually none) and have finally gotten my first character (guess who) to 57. Despite several thousand hours into the first three games, I feel like I’m not entirely getting this game, so a little skill guidance would be appreciated.

I leveled up leaning on SNTNL but once I started hitting Maliwan takedown it was obvious I needed to scrap it and start again. I’ve recently gone to Clone/Barrier, which works much better.

I had an extra point to throw somewhere so I put it in Best Served Cold for now. I figured it might help spread some cryo. I’m not married to the idea.
The only augment I’m attached to is Binary System. Otherwise I’m open to suggestions.

Executor COM (the only decent COM I have at the moment).
The rest of the gear is your typical miscellaneous stuff : nothing that I focus on.

Thanks for any input.


nice boss jefe.

i am also looking for a good double barrel m10 build for my other zane. my current one is a cookie cutter sntl/barrier build.

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Does it have to be clone/dome?
Do you access to DLC?
What’s your guardian rank? Not much I guess.
Do you have transformer/rough rider?
From a first glance I’d suggest getting rid of points in
duct tape mod (to 0,terrible skill right now),
salvation (experiment with that, the more damage you deal, the less points you need)
Apart from that, you can search for builds in the forum you can base your build on.

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Im gonna base my judgement off takedown at mayhem

Youre in for a very slow hard time witbout seeing dead com available all throughout dlc2. I mean u can survive but u wont keep ur shield or clone up long. Without seeing dead unless ur going the ase route.

For takedown id rate it 2/10. Based of speed in killling, viability etc. Anyone can do takedown if they avoid hits forever and use all their ammo up.

Maybe im harsh but i think itll take u double the time of a seeing dead com user. Zane is that bad without it. Playing dirty is mostly double shot damage up alot. Ur clone can Proc ur Kill skills etc. So i gotta say ita fairly bad imo. Ur gonna be limited severely in takedown unless ur gonna do some kinda launcher or shotgun build.

I like diversity so I will say only a couple things.

Having Boom. Enhance. and no pocket full of grenades? 2 points is perfect regen.

Salvation should be max about 2/5 to keep you plenty of healed. Maybe put 3/5 into Cold Hands to get a wee bit more DPS and have fun!

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Clone yes, some not necessarily.
Like 30? Not much.
Transformer yes. RR not yet.
Duct Tape? Done. Thanks.

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If you use it, take out futility belt. Reason being is that it is no longer shock damage and won’t heal shield.

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If you don’t have the Seein’ Dead com then I think it’s worth it to put a few more points into Undercover to pick up CCC.

I also agree that at least 1 point in Pocketful of Grenades is really helpful for Boom Enhance.

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Update for anyone who cares. The changes have made an appreciable difference, along with finally clicking with the playstyle. I’ve been hovering in the mid-M-levels (4-6) without any issues.

I still haven’t found a better COM than my old Executor (other than another Exe that I use with the OPQ sometimes). COMs in this game are agonizing.

Mainly using the Transformer but will likely start going back to offensive shields like the Wattson. I found a RR but will save that for a different build.

Anyways, thanks for the input.

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Continue to tweak or reroll skills for something different and try different combo with shields/relics/coms. Best part of this game is you can always try something new, regardless if it is not ‘meta’.

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my man you are badass amongst badasees because you took 0% life steal :smiley:

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I play around M5. It’s fine with his other healing skills. I started going Rough Rider since it makes passive healing that much better. Plus I’ve gone with the Infiltrator COM (instead of Executor) which works well with the RR.

I can’t quite tell if you’re being facetious or genuine, but while I’m certainly not adept at this game, I’m doing pretty well. At M5.

Still loving the build by the way. It might be sub-optimal but I enjoy it, and that’s kind of the point.

Youre taking a tough route but i believe in you!

7/10 for being badass n attempting it like that man.

Just saw ur trees.