Rate my build? explosive Axton

DPUH, Kerblaster (cant get ogre) casual Ravager, Badaboom explosive, Big Boom Blaster, Explosive relic, and legendary soldier. Thank you! Aso meteor shower.


You don’t need 5/5 metal storm on most guns it’s wasted points, forbearance is meh and really doesn’t do much.
You also don’t need 5/5 resourceful. 4/5 is basically the same thing.

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Interesting, thankbyou! Why only 4/5? is there a cap?

You’re on PS3, you’re heavily capped by your FPS.

The highest you can get is 30fps, next highest is 24 or 26. something I think.

There are massive caps. and you can never get the full effect of it.

I need to look for the fire cap research we did.

If you were on ps4 it would be a different discussion, yes because you are on a older machine you gimp your power level as axton.

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I really want to understand, but im not quite getting it. I also ay on the Vita, would having legendary soldier com and 4/5 resourcefil still somehow hit the cap? i dont even know why they would give you 5 then…

There is no hard cap on cooldown, but it had diminishing returns. Your action skill’s base cooldown is 42 seconds. Cooldown is calculated as Base Cooldown / (1 + Cooldown Rate). With a level 72 Legendary Solider giving +44% cooldown rate, 5/5 Resourceful would give a cooldown of 24.8 seconds, while 4/5 would give 25.6. Less than one second difference.

As for the rest of your build, you need to have Sentry maxed. It’s important for Battlefront. You should max out Ready, it’s Axton’s best dps skills. You probably should get Grit since you have 0 in-combat healing. Nuke is terrible. 2/5 Ranger hardly does anything, especially when Metal Storm is up. And you have no way to slag.

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nuke isnt terrible.

He also isn’t a t72 and its an explosive build sooo.

is this better?

What would only putting 1 point in resourceful instead of 4 do to my action skill?

It won’t change it a lot.
4/5 is the optimal one.

Personally I don’t use maglock because(as you can see from my mag-lock videos) the turret dies a lot faster because it changes the hit boxes.

I would keep metal storm at 4/5 since most of the time you will be missing intervals anyways.

also running 5/5 healthy is bad normally/ 1/5+5 from soldier is really the most I can tolerate since I play op8 and there is no real difference between 6/5 and 10/5
pressure is just way better.

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So do you know how many more seconds 4/5 resourceful would add over 1/5?

A few. you’ll notice a difference.

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Do you think phalanx shield is worth using?

I use it for strategic reasons.

It’s just a clunky skills sometimes.

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Does it really even do anything to protect the turret?

It has a finite number of hits it can take and some projectiles just bounce right off of it.