Rate my Engineer


I want to make this work at OP8! Please offer any suggestions you might have, including possible gear. I’m probably going to get a few people saying I should go with Gemini, but I didn’t want to miss out on Steady, Do or Die, and 10/5 Battlefront.

Or maybe I should just scrap this and use a L. Soldier COM lol…

Thanks in advance!

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A lot of EXPLOSION noise potential. I think you might be better off with Legendary Soldier.

Engineer has more grenade damage and thus more damage per shot for grenade damage guns than Soldier, although Soldier gives more fire rate and reload speed. Since OP’s build has 5/5 in Grenadier the boost to Battlefront will be better for this build provided he actually uses grenades.

So should I go for Nuke? How does the community feel about that skill?

I personally love it, and the knockback has helped me get out of a lot of sticky situations (the aggro capability is pretty good too). It really depends on how you like to use the turret though.

Drop phalanx shield and put the point in expertise, take a point out of grenadier and onslaught, or just 2 from grenadier, and put your 2 points into willing. L. Engineer should be fine. L. Soldier is better but not by much.

Gear: Sham, Neogenator/Evolution, antagonist, blockade, deadly bloom (for creatures) and purple speedy tediore shields are your best bets for shields. Blockhead, Ravagers, slow hand, Harold, hornet, ogre, hail, Slagga, non bandit plasma casters, pimpernel, and Lyuda are all great weapon options. If you don’t know where to find that stuff just ask.

You’ll be sacrificing a lot to get to Gemini unless you switch to L. Soldier, and if you want nuke you’ll be losing out on resourceful, would recommend switching to a different COM if you are picking up nuke. Nuke truly isn’t necessary though. It’s a nice to have, not a need to have.

I run Leg. Engie with Nuke and I do just fine. Of course Resourceful has its benefits but my turret usage is so centered around Nuke that I find myself performing worse when I don’t have it. It’s still Axton’s worst capstone but it can totally work with an Engie build.

If you aren’t going to be using primarily grenades my suggestion is to max out Willing and Able as both work well with Preparation and Pressure (and if you are using grenades as your primary means of attack why not use one of the Grenadier mods instead?). From the looks of it this build could support using a Bee shield due to all of Axton’s shield buffing skills- if you don’t have one try the treants in the Forest of the Tiny Tina dlc. I know folks rave about the L. Soldier but I prefer the L. Engineer- cool down rate is great for getting the turret back on the field (at the moment I’m trying Triad Thunder’s Axton build). Axton can make use of just about any weapon class so I have at least 2 of every one of them, favorites being White Deaths, Pimpernels, Swordsplosion, Heart Breaker, Hornet, DPUH, anything Vladof, Blockade, Antagonist, Bee, absorb shield (Sham being preferred of course), elemental BotA, Kerblaster, Shreddifier, Torgue and Jakobs shottys and your favorite RL- a Badaboom or Creamer would work nice I think…

I wouldnt change your spec, it fits perfectly in the Legendary Engineer setup.
The L. Engineer excells in two things: putting the Turret out and boosting damage through Battlefront and you have all the key skills to do so (Resourceful, Battlefront). Leaving Gemini aside to get Steady and Do or Die takes your splash damage to another level, better than a Grenadier setup as 10/5 Battlefront is a lot better than 10/5 Steady plus the card boost. Dont change your spec to get Nuke, it isnt worth in my opinion.
Also, 3 points in Willing are enough when you have Pressure to back it up.
EDIT: I would put one point from Expertise and one from Quick Charge or Phalanx Shield into Resourceful to get some extra CDR!

For gear, try to pick elemental guns that have splash damage: the Omen, best Axton gun in my opinion, PCs and this kind of stuff.
Torgue guns also shine in this setup but you will lose the extra CDR from the Bone. Not exactly a problem with all your boosts to CDR through your COM and Resourceful, though.

The flip side to the Gemini vs Steady/Do or Die discussion is basically this: Yes, you get an extra point in Battlefront and extra grenade and splash by dropping Gemini, but do those offset the second turret?

Some reasons why I favor Double Up + Gemini:

  1. If a turret gets smashed, I still have a second to keep Battlefront up. See Dukino’s Mom, Doc Mercy, etc.
  2. the extra turret yields more damage than the differential in grenade/splash.
  3. There is no cover against a Gemini + Mag Lock + Longbow build.

Well, you do a lot more damage than the extra Turret with the extra boosts, especially with top gear. Also, you can still have Mag Lock + Longbow to break cover.
You have a point about keeping Battlefront up, though. But there are a lot of spots where you can place your Turret and keep it safe for longer.

The 26/15/26 spec is safer to play with, but the explosive setup gives you a lot more damage than the extra Turret.

Mag Lock isn’t really necessary; keeping the turret alive isn’t a problem unless you’re fighting Momkino or some other enemy with high damage, and for general aggro purposes the decreased pivot is a detriment. It can still be used to good effect but out of all the turret gamechangers it’s the most situational.

The amount of practical advantage I get out of Longbow + Mag Lock + Gemini is staggering. Right off the top of my head, the Mad Mike and Forge experiences change dramatically, and Gemini is awesome against… really, every section of Digistruct.

[quote=“Handsome_Dad, post:14, topic:538657, full:true”]The amount of practical advantage I get out of Longbow + Mag Lock + Gemini is staggering. Right off the top of my head, the Mad Mike and Forge experiences change dramatically, and Gemini is awesome against… really, every section of Digistruct.[/quote]Sling 'em onto the ceiling and bring the rain, or make a killbox by sticking 'em onto opposing walls.

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Hear, hear- I love to put the first where it draws aggro and the second on a wall or ceiling to keep raining death while I set up the crossfire- you’re basically a one man squad of destruction :grinning:

Another quick nod for Gemini…

Assassins in Digistruct. Jump down, run to the outside of the far left pipe, drop a turret outside each end of that pipe. Having two means they’ll each immediately pick up one of the Assassins as they spawn in. You can burn one down and immediately turn to face an already slagged and injured enemy.