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A few days ago, Me and my friend decided to return to Battleborn, and I’m so glad i did. We were playing last night and something unbelievably amazing happened to me:
How good is this?
My first ever, and ohhhhh man was it satisfying - especially because I random selected Rath before the match, first time playing him in ages too!
Anyone else had any Pentakills? Would love to hear!



2 reasons…
2- Violin taunt. Yash.

Srsly, when I watched it the first time… Didn’t even see Mellka. XD Had to re-watch like 4 times to actually see Mellka.
Cool you’ve got a penta with Rath honestly. At least not with some cheesy OP character. Congrats.


:ok_hand: :raised_hand:
Fantastic. Good to have more of us lol

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As soon as I saw that I got 4 and Orendi was running away, my heart rate doubled. Made me love Rath again :smiley:


EPIC. Simply as that. Would love to have such a Rath-experiance too someday. Also you used my fav taunt for him, thats a big plus.
@deemsss123 summed it up pretty good :heart:

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Best taunt for him by far!

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Very nicely done! What the hell was that Orendi doing though? And I never even saw the Mellka, good job.

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10/10 for the ending rath face.

Also what is with Phoebe’s not spamming fcking true strike Jesus. Every time I see a clip that is from a Phoebe or has one in it they never once use the ability.

My first was at lvl 1 with Phoebe back in the beta. I have never gotten one since.

5/5. Yeah that’s right, I said it. No stories to share though, I have Three Sum but not so much as a quad and what even is a penta? I’m such a noob :frowning:

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Wait, like, you don’t have one? I suppose you mained Deande, not known for her multikills, but still, you’re like, so much better than me.
Remembers red bars :scream:

Nope, not one :frowning: Triples and double assists come frequently, only today I chased a penta with that result. I need to start playing with scrubs who can’t steal my pentas lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I even have one triple with her lol, but no she wasn’t known for her multikills back then.

I don’t think we’ve played enough to make that evaluation, this game is so situational and there are so many variables that it takes quite a few matches to really know how good a player is. Still, I’m at least above average and I’d say you’re in that category, and well you have two pentas and I have none :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s true. I’ve only played near ten with you. And my win/loss may not be comparable as I’ve only really solo queued until recently.

Aww shucks. And neither of mine were results of mastery, more a burst of adrenaline against a bad team. Old El Dragõn helped haha

Well as this conversation progresses, I just got my first quad tonight (FINALLY) and I’m the only player in the world angry about it, I’m sure you can guess why. 20-1 Face Off, quad and two triples, still pissed off lol. I hate randoms >.<