Rath advance solo gear help

(Razielva) #1

Does anyone have good gear set up for Rath to solo on advanced or not be healer dependant. I have a ton of legendaries and even his specific legendary but nothing seems to work well. Is his legendary even worth using because I am not getting good results from it. I would like some constructive input from experienced rath players please.

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I just did a 2 player match with attack speed of almost 25% total, it was amazing

(Razielva) #3

Attack speed did help with boldur’s survivability but they are polar opposite types. When I used to play Rath I used Vigilance Link…we all know what happened to that, also Vow of Vengeance and a shard generator. I haven’t yet tested it out but after my last failed run I put together Veil Manipulator, Improved Genetic Syphon, max stat epic with +9.80 attack speed +210 health. Anyone think that sounds good?

(XB1: ZabuzaMomochee) #4

With Rath I generally run an Epic for Attack and Movement speed, the Legendary Vow of Vengence, and his specific legendary. It is an expensive build, but if you use his level 5 mutation combined with his Legendary and some attack speed, he is nigh unkillable while hitting something with his normal attack (I usually make much more health back than I lose), unless being attacked by a boss or Ronin Bots. I imagine for a solo game, health regen/shield increase would not go amiss.

(Razielva) #5

Thanks a lot that was very helpful, atm I’ve been using Veil Manipulator, his legendary and Bola’s Target Finder as well as stun cataclysm combo. I’ve been going RT on lvl 5 but I will give the mutation a try again. Also I gave up on soloing sentinel with him, it’s just not his level.

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what platform? I can join up also to try to help