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Would it be to much to ask or suggest a new move for rath?

  1. Because he is the only melee character who does not have an evasive move compared to all the rest so its harder for him to escape if he runs out to get a kill and evade out like attikus or phoebe, or gallea (shield and special) or bolder(shield and dash)

  2. since he is a vampire why not remove some of his life steal attributes or keep it but mostly why not instead of having him throwing forward a spining blade that doesnt even go far and makes no sense(when pressing L trigger), why no have him when he hits a character his blade goes red(representing blood) and like his taunt he can lick the blood of his blade when fully red and gain health (depending on the amount of blood on blade) and a small speed boast for a couple seconds(move faster depending on blood on blade). At least to give him sum to work with.

  1. He has a slow and a knockup, they both have range, these are both good for escaping enemies. He is also very fast.
  2. Hes not a vampire!!!

Rath has the benefit of the strongest cc out of any of the assassins in the game. This alone makes up for his lack of escape since he has fantastic initiation and disruption abilities in addition to solid burst potential. The only characters that share this trait currently are Gali and Montana (and Kid Ultra kinda, but that’s only at level 9 and he’s confirmed to be getting more nerfs). But even then, Montana has a significantly larger hitbox and lower move speed, and Galilea is just a broken mess of a character who’s long overdue for a rework.

Rath, at least in the way I see him, is supposed to be a high risk vs reward based character. He has the means to get in, disrupt the enemy, cripple their means of escape or retaliation thanks to head juggling and a crossblade slow, and deal a considerable amount of burst with his ult that can allow him to 100-0 several characters with ease. However, if something goes wrong, he won’t have an escape plan like Deande or Phoebe would. This is kinda part of his kit because if he had an easy panic button like the other assassins, he’d be a bit much given how easily spammable his catalytic smash is. His main drawback isn’t necessarily his lack of escape, it’s the fact that his passive is rather underwhelming and that his dps is very mediocre in comparison to the other assassins.

If I were to buff Rath, I would do 2 things. The first would be to either up his base dps slightly (no higher than what Pendles has currently), or revert the October 13th nerf to his ult. Only one of these would be needed to put his damage output in a good spot for me. The second would be either an increase to his base life steal, or a mini rework that I’ve tossed around a couple times before. Instead of gaining a small bit of health back for dealing damage, Rath would receive a surge of health upon defeating a target. Actual values for the amount of health received would be based off whether they were a major or minor enemy, and if it was a kill or an assist. The only prerequisite would be that you have to deal damage to the target with melee attacks or skills, so no health for turret kills or marker assists(unless you damaged them beforehand). This would reinforce the idea of him being a risk vs reward based character by requiring that he gets the kill before his passive grants any payoff, and failing to do so just puts him in an even worse position than before. This will also help him in teamfights a bit more, and make killing minions easier and more rewarding for him.

All in all, Rath is a lot better than most people give him credit for, and he’s pretty close to being in an ideal balance position. He just needs a little love to make him perfect imo.

Oh, and he’s technically not a vampire.

edit: Fixing some of his horrid helixes would be nice too, but that seems to be a problem for nearly all the characters in this game.


He doesn’t need a specific escape move. His fast sprint, chain slow potential and even his CM skill helps him escape. Also If you build him around movement and sprint speed gear he can outrun anyone (including a clocked Pendles) and catch up fleeing enemies.

Rath is as strong as Galilea and Benedict from my experience.


Speed build El Dragón disagrees, not that you would see someone running full speed build as it requires not taking the AoE field on Dragon Splash.

Evasive Maneuvers disagrees with that

Raths escape is his relatively small hit box and his desire to use sprint speed gear.

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@ZombiePizzaMan Is right. Rath is in a good place as it is and all he needs is a little love from the devs. If you want to play the assassin that goes in, gets a kill, and gets out then you have the choice of Phoebe, Deande or Pendles. If you want to play Rath than you aren’t going to be doing much of that (unless you are doing the movement speed build with him, then maybe some of that). With Rath, your job is to secure a kill through CC, disrupt the enemy team, and/or set up team kills. It’s really a job unique to him (and Galiliea but we don’t talk about her in the Rath sub-forum) and what you are suggesting is to make him more like the other assassins which we don’t need as they already do that job well enough.

His secondary attack is amazing, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Extended range and 50% extra damage to shields makes it amazing for removing the overshield from an entire wave of minions and taking down Ambra’s Flameshield before she escapes. Not to mention it lets you attack from a safe distance. It’s like El Dragon’s clap.


His hit box is fairly average. His escape comes from his increased sprint speed, double jump and having one of the best hard CC skills in the game.

A 30% speed boost does not compare to what Momentum can do, especially given that El Dragón’s base movement and sprint speeds edge out Rath by a point of a second. Add Welterweight at full stacks and nothing can keep up with him.

Maybe it’s my personal experience but Momentum has always been buggy for me, not reliably giving me the bonuses. I’ve never had that issue with Evasive Maneuvers.

PL most of you guys make alot of sense but i thought he was a vam cause montana calls him one’‘hey i just killed a friggin vampire’’… if he has some sort of vamp in his DNA he should still lick the blade to gain health’’… instead of having him throwing forward a spining blade that doesnt even go far and makes no sense(when pressing L trigger), why no have him when he hits a character his blade goes red(representing blood) and like his taunt he can lick the blood of his blade when fully red and gain health (depending on the amount of blood on blade) and a small speed boast for a couple seconds(move faster depending on blood on blade)

Ummm dude no… if you run in the enemy base to kill some one like a lil past the sentry, and you succeed but get damaged really bad… by the time you turn to hit enemies up with C.smash, either someone else kills you cause you have to stop to do it or the sentry bombs you…any other melee would just run in kill and teleport or u or dash out…yea they might die but its more convenient

RayL ive seen you play with rath, unless we have a good team he is useless…if the opposing team had a tough setup going and trapped rath… yea he would knock like 3 up but im sure the next two will get him…unless he had a good means of escape or gain more health sum how

No, Rath is not a vampire. He is a Jennerit, same as Deande and Ambra. Its an alien race which evolved on Tempest, very old and very powerfull.

Jennerit which have gone through the process called “Sustainment” gain a sort of immortality and can leech lifeforce from everything surrounding them (aka lifeleech ability).
Sustainment is given by their Empress, Lenore, as reward.

The Jennerits tech focused on gravity manipulation ( = Cataclystic Smash) , Laser/Hardlight tech (= light-katanas) , Lifeleech and Solar Manipulation (Ambras abilities).

The Vampire-thing is more an in-joke, since Jennerit have vampire-like fangs, pale skin and the abilities they gain through Sustainment.


Your suggestion on him gathering blood and licking it is really cool, but he’s not a Vampire as many have stated. Not sure why he gets the brunt of the Vampire jokes in universe (his nosferatu frame I guess) but he’s just sustained like many of the Jennerit inner circle and the one exception of a Gladiator People’s champ.

As for him needing an escape. He’s quite capable of getting out of a ton of pickles barring premade gang bangs. All 3 of his skills can be used both as initiation and escape. He’s innately agile and has helix options that further improve it (Evasive maneuvers and Terror from a above to name 2)

If I’m understanding your point of view correctly, I take it you utilized most or all of your skills to engage on a foe (As you often do on other assassins) and then wonder how you’re supposed to leave alive. The answer is often map awareness and positioning. Try entering your mark’s danger zone through map short cuts or flanks, and utilize your skills as they’re needed. You’ll often have a skill left open or off cd that you can use to aid your escape, as you return to the shadows, to lurk once more, waiting for your next mark or major disrupt.

On a final note, his L Trigger is actually quite useful. I’m not a fan of it either ( wish it was something else) but it has uses. IT does provide more range over your basic cycle, does Extra shield damage and has an AOE attached to it. You can also mix it into your basic cycle smoothly (I feel it triggers quicker imo saving on start up frames) similar to Phoebe’s True Strike.

Edit: If there’s a thing I’d like smooth or improved on it’s his off hand melee. Feels clunky to me.


Thats my most liked comment ever. I got an achievement on the forum for how much people agreed with my comment. Disagree at your own discretion !

all love bro, we can have our disagreements :slight_smile:

Fighting a good Rath (or Whiskey Foxtrot) is one of the most humbling experiences in this game.

“Oh, this’ll be easy, it’s just a… oh my god I can see my insides