Rath BattleBorn

what? since when?

Since always.

Hidden mechanic? Never seen it mentioned in game (ie. helix menu)

Yup. Another fun hidden mechanic I learned recently that is somewhat related to this. Comeback King also does 50% extra damage to shields.

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To be fair, I don’t think it’s ever been stated that it does 50% to my knowledge. Just that it deals “extra damage” to shields. Maybe it was tested or data mined though

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He is a non-tanky melee character. He is greatly expose to more dangerous situations than ranged or tank melee toons. His full potential depends on the support from his teammates.

He is never useless. He can initialize a push and succeed in backing up 1-2 members. However, if his teammates are not supporting his push, the remaining enemies will melt him. This is the only way how all the opponents can surround a good Rath and block any escape route. At least from my experience. I have seen many other Rath players that have great support but yet fail miserably. They don’t know the importance of positioning with this character.

He also acts as a supporter and securing kills for his team. For example Ghalt pulls someone but there’s no slow mine? no problem, Rath follows up with CM after the pull to secure the kill. Two of your members are trying to escape while being below 25% of their health. An enemy Orendi is casting her ult, what does Rath do? He cast CM to interrrupt and save his friends.


So true. A good Rath does way more than just secure kills: he saves your ass from Hawkeye, shuts down Blink Storm, sticks it to ISIC, and generally offers an antidote to some of the game’s most dangerous moves.

The catch is, most Rath don’t realise they can do this - they’re out to get kills, so they’ll just mindlessly spam their skills for damage. And on the flip side, most players have come to expect this, so Rath rarely gets the team support he deserves.

If there’s a good Rath on my team, you’d better believe I’m always hovering nearby, ready to help him out.


This makes my solo queuing with Rath not as fun as it should be. I really should stop playing him as often as I do when I solo queue, but I won’t.

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If you really want him to be able to escape. Which i personally do. Trust me, his base damage and health are FINE! His passive is that his armor makes him move faster. Improve it, add a zero cost sprint speed gear, some epic rogue boots that come with sprint and movement speed. For the third piece of gear use a rogue watch with extra sprint speed. If this is all combined together, it will let you get out of any situation except stuns. If you are lucky enough to get the maxed cursed versions like i have been, you can activate it all with 1500 shards.

Also try this gear set on a Pendles to literally nullify his decloaking movement penalty, you’ll see his natural movement speed is equal to Galilea and Phoebe. Which is good for getting around corners when you don’t have a smoke bomb.