Rath completely broken in PvP

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but once you unlock the ultimate ability for Rath you’re pretty much invincible. No one can beat you in a 1v1 and you’re constantly healed. I know the game is new and what not, so it’s entirely likely that I’m wrong… but I don’t really think so in this case. It’s kind of obscene how much damage you can do and how much you can tank.

Moved to the beta section, thanks.

Judging from PC beta.

Rath isn’t something I’m really worried about because there isn’t much he can do beside spin-to-win. He feels like a one-trick pony. While his ult is up, he is really scary and has to be kept in mind. While it’s down, his threat level is so low he’s nothing compared to say, Orendi who can do a good EE Q EE that can melt your entire wave or even destroy your backline with EE F EE. Just looking at the mini map alot and not sticking around in a very close group of 3 pretty much prevent him from doing that multi-knock up spin kill combo.

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His Ulti is very strong and he even heals himself from it, but this isn’t too unfair. Shielded characters can hold him back, many characters can Stun him and cancle the Ulti. And of course, other characters can run away with dash abilities. But yes there are characters that are pretty helpless when Rath focus his Ulti on them. But it’s still an Ulti, it’s what it’s supposed to be. Rath uses his Ulti on orendi, orendi dies. But on the other Hand, orendi’s Ulti seems way stronger. It Deals a very high amount of damage, on a wide area, from a quite long distance. I did double and maybe even Triple kills with her.
Rath is a very effective melee Fighter, but his flaw is his health. E.g. Boldur will always Win a pure 1v1 against Rath. He can Shield himself, heal while shielding and even Stun and slow Rath.

If you had seen Rath in the closed beta, you would be happy about this Rath :joy:

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I dont see it op. It is ulti. It needs to be powerful and feared, but its easy to counter. After some time you learn to avoid it with evasion, counter or what way. You need to keep eye on map and be prepared there might be ulti coming to survive.

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Rath use Ult on Miko. Miko dies in 1.5 seconds. We no like Rath Ult. We hate it.

If you let him so close your way out is stun spores, if you have picked it, with what you deny his ulti and let team on him. Im not sure if slow is enough for running away, but stun does the trick.
1,5 seconds is alot of exaggerated if you are full health and rath aint fed :smile:

Rath is the best in PvP, just gotta know how to play him

He really can’t tank that much. The ulti gives him hp back, but it’s slow enough regen that a well placed set of sniper bullets will still take him out. Further, as others have said here, he’s pretty easy to cc during it. Happens all the time, sometimes accidentally. A beefy tank making good use of their block can simply block it for themselves and anyone behind them. And as stated previously, a well-placed overshield pretty much guarantees your survival. He’s very much a “one-trick pony,” particularly against a coordinated or knowledgeable team. Once you dismantle dreadwind, while he does do good damage, he’s easy to either run away from, or burst so hard that he’s forced to run away. Particularly if you have some minion or turret support.

To be clear, matchmaking sometimes pits me against players that are obviously pretty new based on their command rank. In those matches, I still absolutely destroy with Rath. I don’t think that’s a function of him being broken - those players just don’t know about the ulti stun, or how to position really, or that you can literally turn and run or dash away while still putting down fire.

I just posted about this in the Rath-specific threat. I actually think that he needs some slight QoL buffs. Nothing crazy. I don’t think he’s particularly underpowered, but I do think he could be streamlined.

I have noticed alot of talk here about op champions when you have plaid just couple matches against or with some character. It has to be understood that every character performs differently in different situations. Example if Raths ulti destroys your thorn, you come here and say op. Ofcourse Rath wrecks your Thorn. Its weak sniper who shouldnt even be there next to rath. It is tanks job to take damage. Its purely game mechanics and how it should work.
Not pointing fingers to anyone. Just making clear It is not always unbalanced, its game mechanics. We need to think many ways, not just by one way.

Yepity-yep … :dukegoof:

I remember when Rath ulted, I had ISIC who had a shield to block most the damage and a stun to stop him from spinning. Most heros have something that counters his ult so i don’t think hes broken. I do think some of the “more squishes” need to have short TTK.

To me it feels like Rath is a bit of a one trick pony Sure, his knock up is nice, but the only time I ever feel threatened by one is when he’s using an ult and I’m way out of position. He feels like a character that can really punish newer players, so I think he might seem a lot more powerful than he actually is right now. I’m sure once we get a better handle on the flow of the game players will simply play around this powerful ability (by keeping tabs on his cooldowns/staying in the right position), rather than feeding right into it. (Which I have done far too many times :sweat_smile:)

Anything that silences, stuns, knocks up, or knocks back will take Rath out of his ult. Enjoy.

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