Rath&Deande Life steal comparison

So today I saw that Deande has 15% life steal on all war fan attacks however she also has a passive. Rath’s passive is 8% life steal on melee hit and 10% on skill hit,so it got me thinking why does Deande have 15% life steal tacked on to her weapons where as Rath’s actual passive ability only has 8% on melee, and the life steal value on his skills is still lower than Deande’s. Now I know neither of these numbers add up to much health gained but it bothers me that she has a passive in addition to this life steal.

Remember that Rath does get more life steal at level five and has a better hit box on his melee so he can get hit multiple enemies at once far easier. And the life steal on Deande’s skills come from valuable helix choices and aren’t default. On top of that Rath can easily hit several enemies at once with his skills allowing for much higher life steal than with Deande. They serve different roles and their sustainabiliy is suited towards those roles.


Deande’s life steal at level one is about the same as Rath’s based on DPS. She doesn’t get life steal on skills unless you take those skills. But they are essentially the same. The biggest difference is Deande’s range will allow her to get out of the lane and take less damage.

Ambra also has lifesteal in addition to her passive

Rath’s lifesteal is still bat $hit crazy with Swordsman salve and a VOZF or VOV or even both. (attck dmg+attck spd)

She can also get a helix to increase her lifesteal to 25%. Pretty good, until you notice her shorter reach, much narrower melee, and lack of spin to win melee. It does apply to her ranged attacks too, so that’s nice, even if they curve off and smack into a wall more often than they hit.

Still, she has a very good amount of lifesteal, and a very good amount of damage, with a very sub-par ult, in my opinion. It has it’s uses, and isn’t worthless, it’s just not the best for her kit, it feels, as she isn’t able to take advantage of the stun in any way, while doing ‘decent-terrible’ damage, depending on if your enemies were smart enough to rush into the stun to divide the damage.

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Rath: 8% (normal damage) + 10% (skill damage). Can be amped up to 19%+10%, 30%(?)+0% or 8%+30% with just one helix choice. His skill damage life steal is applied to skills and ult.

Deande: 15% (normal damage) + 0% (skill damage). Normal damage life steal can be amped up to 25%, skill damage life steal - to 25% on holotwin, 50% on burst, still 0% on ult. In order to have it all you have to spend three helixes all of which have more or less useful alternatives.

Also Deande’s cooldowns are much longer and more focused on a single target while Rath should be hitting several people/minions at once with both of his skills.


My thoughts exactly. Deande and Rath quickly became tied for my main, and I play them both equally as much. They do serve 2 different roles and I’ve always found their sustainability was in line as such.

Also rath legendary gives extra life steal

If rath does more damage or attacks faster than deande then he’ll still be stealing more health regardless of the life steal %. I don’t play either so I don’t know.

Deande has higher DPS but Rath can hit multiple enemies at once easier

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