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Verod Rath is not a vampire, though he gets that a lot. Rath is a master bladesmith and swordsman of the Jennerit Empire, once a member of the Keepers of the Blade – the elite guard of Empress Lenore. Rath is deeply focused on the art of battle, applying his three energy blades with lethal efficiency.


The mighty Jennerit Imperium once led the fight against the Varelsi, forging alliances with the other factions to save the stars from the void. But in a desperate turn to spare his people from the darkness, the warlord Lothar Rendain staged a coup to seize control of the Imperium, and aligned its destiny with that of the Varelsi. Though the Jennerit have lost much in their struggle, they remain one of the strongest military forces in Solus.


Health: 1/5
Power: 4/5
Range: 1/5
Speed: 5/5

Basic Attacks, survival, and passive skill

Axiom and Order

Rath’s primary melee attack can be chained multiple times for a quick combo. Rath’s secondary melee attack conjures a powerful lightning bolt.

Originally they had 2 different attacks and now you have your melee strike and a lighting bolt attack which might give a bit of range. I don’t know how the lighting really works that well yet so I look forward to seeing it in action more and how it effects his game play. But the first preview we saw of him had a slow powerful melee attack and a faster one that could combo, so the slow was replaced with the lighting.

Bladekeeper’s Vestment

Rath’s ceremonial Jennerit armor is sturdy enough to absorb plenty of damage, but light enough to preserve his speed and mobility.

It looks like Rath is mostly speed and high health regen to keep him alive, including life steal.

Genetic Syphon

When Rath damages an enemy’s health he steals health worth 10% of the damage from melee attacks and 10% of the damage from skill attacks.

This should be interesting and familiar to bl2 melee players to keep alive, like attacking with a rubi. The fact you get it on his skill attacks as well that have some range should help him close the gap better.


Rath throws energy blades forward a limited distance, dealing 208-280 damage.

Any range helps with a melee character, most seem to have a dash attack so this makes him a bit different to play. There are a lot of good upgrades to this in the helix which make it more exciting.

Catalytic Smash

Rath unleashes a shockwave dealing 139-187 damage directly ahead.

Another short range attack that acts differently, more to say below in the helix tree section.


Rath spins into a whirlwind attack for 4 seconds, causing 41-68 damage per hit to enemies around him.

This is where all the hype is, it looks so much fun and amazing, melee sonic almost. With the amount of attacks on this and the lifesteal is seems like he rips enemies apart.

Helix Tree

Tier 1


Crossblade can pass through multiple enemies and damage them.


Catalytic Smash’s shockwave is shortened, but spreads out to the left and right.

Both of these seem quite helpful, I kinda lean towards the Smash to differ the attacks a bit on tier one, but the Blades also could do more damage it seems if you can line up enemies. Further down the helix tree you have a lot more buffs to both of these and those choices might make you lean one way or another on this tier.

Tier 2


When Crossblade damages an enemy’s shield, Rath’s shield recharges the amount of damage dealt. +100% Shield Steal


When a Crossblade is destroyed, a new Crossblade will spawn, moving towards Rath.

On this tier I really like Shield Syphon for more survival, Rath already seems to have high damage output and between this and life steal you will get a lot of survival, also up close you might need it.

Tier 3


Allows Rath to double-jump.


Rath’s primary melee combo finishing spin fires twice at the end of the combo.

Mobility vs DPS, much like tier 2… Double jump seems hard to pass up but the bigger combo seems nice. Might be map by map or a play style choice. Mobility in this game is likely to be huge and he already has quite a bit but a double jump will really help him in that department and possibly help close the gap.

Tier 4


When Rath attacks with Catalytic Smash, he will leap forward, damaging enemies in his path.


Catalytic Smash blinds enemies when hit.

This is another one of those “will might have to wait and see” A well designed tier where both choices should be equal. The jump with the Smash again helps close the gap and increase the damage, or blinding enemies will make them much easier to finish them off, and also help your survival. I love them both and can’t wait to try them out.

I might lean to CRIMSON FASTNESS for the name alone

Tier 5


Genetic Syphon steals additional health when a skill deals damage to an enemy.


Genetic Syphon steals additional health when attacking enemies with melee strikes.

This just comes down to are you doing more damage with regular attacks or special attacks… Or how often you use either one. I can see the skill one being a bit better because you will take a beating during your Ultimate Sonic attack and the other 2 have some range which can help close the gap. But time will tell once again. It might also depend on your cooldown times.

Tier 6


Increases Crossblade’s base damage. +15% Damage


Doubles the shockwave length of Catalytic Smash.

Damage vs Distance, I kinda like the distance in theory but it also seems like I’m choosing the non damage on every tier and since he has lifesteal that might be a mistake. It’s going to be an interesting balance with him for sure.

Tier 7


When Rath’s shield is broken, movement speed is increased for a short time. +30% Movement Speed for 4 seconds


Increases base damage of all melee strikes. +18% Damage

On this tier I like the damage increases for sure, speed is nice but its time for some good old fashioned DPS. I don’t think the speed will be good for running away, Rath’s survival depends on him putting out damage so it could be useful to get close enough to hit, but keeping Cross Blades at the ready with the shield steal might be enough for when you need it.

Tier 8


Doubles the effective range of Crossblade.


Reduces Crossblade’s cooldown. -20% Cooldown

This is another hard one, I do plan on getting SHIELD SYPHON so the range could be really huge but also being able to use it more often so its ready when I need it might be more important. If I go with SKILLFUL SYPHONING as well the cooldown starts to edge over for the win. It most likely will depend on how you choose your other skill points or maybe just how often you are getting shot up at a distance.

Tier 9


Enemies hit by Catalytic Smash will take more damage from Crossblade for a short time. +35% Damage for 4 seconds


Killing an enemy with Catalytic Smash reduces Dreadwind’s cooldown.

So far very few characters have had anything other than tier 10 effect their ultimate ability, which makes Smash tempting. That being said we don’t know the values of the cooldowns so I don’t know which will be better. The Ultimate abilities that I have seen have a long cooldown and while any % off of it will be huge, the other abilities seem to be used a lot and the combo of using one to set up the other could easily add more to your damage output. You would have to micro manage how you use them more, but nothing wrong with that. I think I’m leaning softened target as of now, but its way early and we will see.

Tier 10


Grants a movement speed boost to Rath while Dreadwind is active. +30% Movement Speed


Damage dealt by Dreadwind is greatly increased while Rath’s shield is broken. +15% Damage when unshielded

I have a feeling while you do this attack your shield will be down and the extra damage will be nice but since you have lifesteal, more damage = more health. Buuuuuuuuuuut Getting from one enemy to the next will be huge. Is this another PVP vs PVE type choices? Possibly. Am I crazy for asking myself questions out loud and answering them? Yes I am, what of it?

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Gonna be honest, this seems like my kind of guy. A heavy melee focus is all I ever wanted.

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Loving the Vampire touch!! instead of just being this huge tank with loads of health you have to steal health from the enemy to stay alive!

It also kind of fits his looks, too, because, I mean, look at this guy. He’s not a giant muscle man with infinite hit points, he’s a squirelly little ninja ■■■■. It just makes more sense that he’d outlast enemies by stealing their health instead of being a beefwall.

Plus hes ■■■■■■■ majestic. Just look at him. Majestic.

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His entire backstory and look is absolutely fantastic.

Verod Rath is not a vampire, though he gets that a lot. Rath is a master bladesmith and swordsman of the Jennerit Empire, once a member of the Keepers of the Blade – the elite guard of Empress Lenore. Rath is deeply focused on the art of battle, applying his three energy blades with lethal efficiency.

Like, how can you not love it? After playing him at E3, it took some getting used to but he is a though fighter with a mage feel (see glass canon).


It weird the first time i saw this guy i didn’t take a liking to him, but the more gameplay i see and the more i find out about him, the more i begin to genuinely like him. i still think the helmet/mask thing on his face is weird though


A little something something i made. Showcasing Rath’s abilities. Enjoy!


Pretty good. It’s a bit weird that your making these but none the less they’re pretty darn good.

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Yeah, he is, by far, my favorite character. High power, maxed out speed. Who needs high health when you’re constantly stealing it, right?

Rath played surprisingly well at Gamescom. At forehand i thought i wouldn’t enjoy a melee character but i did. Rath is a powerhouse. I liked the affects his helix had on his abilities. Found his playstyle a bit more up tempo / aggressive as you constantly running towards the enemies smashing their face.

Normally i pick the characters that are more ranged like an Oscar Mike. (or an Axton with Borderlands)

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Up dated this thread’s OP

New Rath gameplay! =)

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My body is so ready for Rath.


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Rath is definitely the character I am most excited for, coming from a melee Zer0 fanatic in BL2. My only concern with him in PvP is that he doesnt have a surefire way to stick to a highly mobile target. I am hoping one of his tertiary augments attaches a slow to crossblade or makes him move faster towards a crossbladed target or something. Other than that I am so hyped to try this character out as soon as I can. Hopefully we get more gameplay videos soon!

There are a few skills in Rath’s Helix that boost his mobility or health. But the one with the Blinding effect will come in handy during PvP battles

When Crossblade damages an enemy’s shield, Rath’s shield recharges the amount of damage dealt. +100% Shield Steal

Catalytic Smash blinds enemies when hit.

When Rath’s shield is broken, movement speed is increased for a short time. +30% Movement Speed for 4 seconds seconds

I do agree that these skill will help with sticking to an enemy, I just don’t think they give him enough staying power. Obviously this is just my opinion atm and I have no basis besides theorycrafting and watching any videos I can. Evasive Maneuvers isn’t a reliable speed boost, imo, as long as the shields work like borderlands and only rally recharge while not taking damage. Time will tell, and my hype for this game is real, and I will play Rath regardless, he just fits a combo of my favorite things from various characters across the video game world, however this also inclines me to look for shortcomings, to try to fully understand my character, to feed my hype!

The skills help out, Rath also has a passive skill ‘lifesteal’ so that can keep you on your feet. I played Rath at Gamescom and it was a blast. Was surprised how well melee worked and i didn’t go down once during that play session.