Rath has 3 fingers and one thumb like Zero?

Noticed this on the big statue at pax

Did you happen to notice which finger Rath was missing?

It looks like his missing a ring finger on each hand but it may be apart of whatever race he is.

Or it could be zero in disguise. BOOM.

Zer0 speaks in haikus and we’ve already heard Rath’s voice. I don’t think Battleborn has anything to do with Borderlands. It’s a nice thought and maybe they did pull something like, “Maybe they come from the same Planet of Origin or something.” but I doubt it.

Both use katana’s, katana has 3 A’s
Halflife 3 confirmed


Ha ha.

It’s hard to beat Zero.
Such a BADASS character.

I just did a quick view of the Gamescom trailer again and, though I’m not 100% positive, I think Ambra also has only three fingers per hand as well. Because of this, I tried to see if Rendain or Caldarius only had three per hand in any pictures or the E3 trailer, but couldn’t get a clear shot.

Anyway, it’s possible it’s a Jennerit thing (or not). Still, I hadn’t noticed that before so nice catch :slight_smile: .

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What Does Rath have a hidden blade ?

Assassin’s Creed - assassins remove their ring finger for the hidden blade thingy.
I thought Ubisoft only did the retail version of Homeworld at GBX.


I think the same is true for Caldarius as well.

its not just rath

caldarius, and ambra have 3 fingers as well… so it is a jennerit thing
humans and elves have 4 fingers
with orendi… it depends on the hand

benedict has 2, isic has 3, miko has 4 and marquis has 4

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Zer0 could be a Jennerit Assassin sent to Pandora to investigate. If you want to link both Battleborn and Borderlands, maybe they had the technology to send someone through a black hole or another reality since their reality is dying and Zer0 got stuck there? Food for thought.

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But while we are on the subject on missing 'body parts".

Miko only has one eye, how is he/she/it going to see depth ?
will Miko also have a smaller field of view ?
to much details ?

Miko is like a jedi. Feels the flow of the universe within.


Benedict can fly without tail feathers and a wing span too small for his size. I wouldn’t worry about Miko’s lack of depth, hah.


You question Miko’s depth perception, but not the fact that Montanna is too top heavy to be able to physically stand even without the armour or weaponry?

Also… Does it bother anyone else that Miko has Pac-Man on his chest…


I think all the characters we have seen so far all look awesome. I need this game. Cant wait to get my hands on it to feel how the battleborn play.

I’ll do you guys a solid and drop a new minor lore tidbit in this thread. :smile:

The Jennerit Empire and the Jennerit Imperium are ruled by a pureblooded race of beings simply known as Jennerit. They are named for their throneworld, Jennar.

drops the Oscar Mike


I need to go interrogate Tannis. Excuse me. -grabs bow-

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I bet someone else noticed it before, but until now alot human(oid) characters presented had only 4 fingers per hand.
Miko: 5 fingers per hand
Oscar Mike: 4 fingers per hand
Rath: 4 fingers per hand
Thorne: 4 fingers per hand
Montana: 5 fingers per hand
Orendi: 3/4 fingers per hand
Marquis: 4 fingers per hand
Boldur: 5 fingers per hand
Phoebe: 5 fingers per hand