Rath has a natural pushback and it causes him to be op

… Ppl will hate this, but it’s reality, no other melee character has the natural pushback effect that rath has and it basically means if you’re near him you are going to die. Idk if it’s just bc he has so many strikes in his basic attack string or if his range on his swords forms a huge circle that seems impossible to get away from, but it’s not his ultimate, it’s literally just his attack. I can’t tell you how many matches Rath cascades the crap out of everyone bc it’s stupid easy to make kills if you’re even half a competent player. This needs a fixin’!

Stun him he isn’t tough he will die fast if he is unable to attack back and get his self healing.

That’s a great tip, but essentially still a problem bc what you’re saying is that only characters with stun can stand up to him, and even then if my cool down isn’t ready then I’m still done for.

What character are you playing that is having trouble with Rath?

I used to have trouble against rath, but then I discovered there is a quick attack that knockback super far and rath can’t do sh*t against that <3

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The only ones that stand a chance in my experience are defenders and even then boldur as the tank seems to be able to handle rath best…

Yes, for those that maybe still haven’t used it every character has a quick melee with knockback. I forget about it all the time honestly but it is very useful. On Xbox it’s B, so assuming circle on PS4 and no idea on PC. Ambra for instance throws a straight left punch, Attikus backhands you away or does a dash attack if you’re sprinting, etc.

Even more useful since when rath start spinning hard (his ult) he can’t do anything if you quick-melee him. He’ll get thrown back and desperately try to reach you but he’s too slow to do that.

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Not exactly true. Rath for example has a painfully slow off-melee.

For some reason I just describe it as a quick melee button, my bad I know it is a slow move for some characters. Ambra’s is a little clunky too but gets the job done.

Not every character is going to be able to one v one every other character, people need to realise this and move on. Plenty of characters have a stun or ability that will interrupt his ult and that is fine. If you happen to choose a character without one and find yourself up against a Rath that is level 5 or higher be cautious, not much else you can do.

One dash knock up from me as Montana and he’s toast.
If he follows up again and kills you then you were out of position and deserve to die.

Want to elaborate on “out of position”? Pushed too far into the lane without support? Or is there some strategy you’re referring to.

It’s not his ultimate that’s the problem, his basic melee has a wide berth and it blocks movement-- even if it’s not officially knockback.

Have you tried the quick melee ? :smiley:

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I played Rath a ton in open beta and avoided him to mix it up since the game came out. There are only a handful of champs worth playing and the rest are just under powered and picking them makes you lose.

Played Rath yesterday got 20+ kills in every game. My last game it was 4vs5 one person on my team quit before game started. And I almost carried us to a win. I went 38 kills and 8 deaths with Wrath. I never got over 20 kills anyone else. I would get two kills with his ult every time and then sometimes kill another.

I don’t think he should get nerfed. I don’t agree with nerfs. I would like to see other champs buffed instead of ruining a fun champs.

Raths ult is awesome and feels like a ult. Most these champs ults are useless. Like some better ults do like 400-500dmg. Wraths ult can kill a team of 5 if there all standing next to him. Now that is a ult to fear.

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theres 2 legendaries to fix that 1 makes u immortal, 1 clears cc effects and if hes a real dicks theres a 3rd to instanty reset cooldowns

I’ve never had a problem getting away or around him when he is melee’ing and I’ve never been blocked in by it. Rath is also a character I’ve never seen get called for nerfs until now. Each character has their pros and cons and I have seen them all played to great success. Some characters need an ally nearby to do amazing and that is fine as it is a team based game. (The second part was for the person stating only a few characters are playable.)

Nah, I have always thought he was too strong. Knock up, silence, self heals, and spin to win. He’s a very cheap character. I am not one to cry nerfs or op either, but he’s a monster in pvp. I don’t see how they could nerf him too much without breaking him though, so maybe just longer cooldowns? His powers seem too spammy for how strong they are against other players.


This is exactly what I’m talking about. Rath can be utilized in ways that basically not character can counter. Even the quick melee knock back tactic. I honestly think it’s the width of his melee that make him so hard to get around. The knock up is lethal in pvp as well… He’s definitely a cheap character. But i agree that nerfing him isn’t best, we need tactics the other characters can use to counter. But that may mean revamping a lot more things, which maybe it’s more practical to nerf him. But not by much, I think maybe just the width of his mele