Rath is a Pancake

Question: Is it normal for Rath to explode after an enemy (PvE) falls on him after he Cat. Smashes them into the air? I Rarely use Rath but have been using him to farm for commander packs in The Heart of Ekkunar and have died several times because I catalytic smash and the enemy comes down and pancakes me into the ground instantly killing me (from full to 0).

Is that a bug or is it something that is normal?

I-I am SO confused! Rath isn’t syrupy and delicious though; THAT i am NOT confused about…


Haha, I really want to see this.

Rath - and PvE-main here - Never had such a situation myself.

Which enemies did you knock up? If it was a bomb-carrier Thrall or a enemy with a grenade-skill it could be you got the damage from the casted grenade or destroyed bomb. Would be very situational though.

If it were simple Varelsi it could be a bug. Maybe DLC-related? (I had no chance to play THoE yet…)

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Yeah, I think it happens with Varelsi from what I remember. Skulks, Hunters, etc.

I got PTSD after it happened a few times and refused to move after I use Cat. Smash to avoid accidentally getting flattened. :’(

Well that sounds fun. imma try that.

and @blainebrossart1 get the hell out of bed. these people have questions they need answered and you are off sleeping on the job.