OK… rath is kinda OP in certain situations… but also very very very very gimp in some situations (like fighting kelvin that stuns u every time u try to do anything.)

THORN however… can do MORE DAMAGE than RATH from LONGER DISTANCE, thorn has HP regen, is harder to hit and can also take out turrets, something rath struggles with since he exposes himself to so much danger.

THORNS blight is literally a guaranteed kill if you place it underneath some1s feet who has <50% hp… but lets not forget her volley that does 500 damage if specced right, and her ultimate which does another 500+… all ranged dps keep this in mind RATH has to be close to his enemy to damage them, thorn has absolute freedom and can chill a lot further back while doing even more damage.

Its ok, i guess ill just play thorn until shes nerfed… because its not fair to play against a team with a good thorn.

the only way to counter is by playing thorn yourself.

when you play rath… or any melee character for that matter… you are basically playing the game with way way way more risk… you are way squishier, you HAVE to be in DANGEROUS places in order to DPS at all. … Rath can get stunned out of his ulimate from a level 1 kelvin… thorn cant.

GG… range DPS will always rule until you make them not so hard of hitters.

Thorn isn’t op…she is kinda squishy if you have good aim and if rath can get close she has to get lucky to survive. In the hands of a good player yes she is very good but not op. The problem with her is that her base arrow attack is so hard to hit on players that keep moving.

Thorn won’t get nerfed mate. Most of her kills come from skills, her base damage isnt abnormally high, She has a VERY high skill cap. I started playing thorn as my first character and died a LOT. If you want to kill a Thorn silence her, slow her, stun her (any, not all, alls overkill). And no her Blight cant kill you, just get out of it really quick, I melt tanks health mostly because they just stand in blight. If you go head to head in close quarters and her skills are gone chances are she’ll try and run.

Not all to ostracise however, I see your point, when played right shes deadly. But so are the other battleborn.

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A great many people would same the exact same thing, but replace Thorn with any manner of other characters.

As said, Thorn has a very high skill ceiling. I have played against many more Thorns that were no factor in a match than Raths that spin-to-win wreaked havoc. And no, blight is not literally a guaranteed kill on low health enemies.

A very good Thorn is a pain, but that’s the player, not the character.

No more nerfs.

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Isn’t it unfair to play against a good anything? When a player is good and his team support him, no matter what character he use, he will become a pain.

All the stuff you said may be true but it must be difficult to pull it off BC most thorns I see I kill. They are just an average character most of the time. If I see a thorn doing well I attribute it to the player not the character.

Rath on the other hand…more often than not is doing very well. I ALWAYS have to be cautious when fighting Rath even if the player is not skilled BC despite player ability they always have a kill button after level five.

If I see thorn is not performing well with early on I know there is no need to devote a lot of attention to her. The player is probably no threat. Rath… always a threat.





Ha, I should have read your reply before writing my own. It would have saved me some time.

Oh well.

Bad forum etiquette on my part I suppose.

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Thorn is meant to do high damage with skills that why her passive boost her skill damage which is why i never understand when people complain about thorn bow damage not being as good as marquis sniper as his skills dont do as much damage.

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Rath’s no more OP than Thorn is.

Thorn is actually on par with pretty much all of the pusher’s sans Alani (R.I.P. LOL).

Also you can stun Thorn out of her ultimate and Blight and Volley, you just have to look for when she pulls back her hand without drawing the bow. This means she’s activated her ult but has not yet fired it. You then have like 3 seconds to stun her to cancel it. Her ulti automatically fires once activated. It is a lot harder because her up time is low due to the ability to immediately fire it.

Also If Thorn’s in Blight range she is also in Cata’s range from Rath. If you Cata straight into Cross slash she is most likely dead unless she’s close to an area you can’t go. At level 7 it gets a bit harder for Rath because a good Thorn will just double jump out of Dreadwind and you can’t hit them unless you carry them by them landing on you specifically. Also employ super secret left trigger if you are out of auto attack range from Thorn.

I would’ve agreed with that if she didn’t have the most BULLSH*T ult ever.
“I just charge and throw a ball that deal 700 damage in an area” and at level 10 the ball can even bounce.
Care to aim ? nope.

I play Thorn…a lot.

A lot.

Maybe more than is strictly healthy. Thorn is my spirit animal.

What I will say is that I kill tons of Thorns all the time, for many of the reasons mentioned and one more:

Once Thorn uses her Volley+Blight+Ult combo, she’s a sitting duck for at least 12 seconds.

While there are better Thorns out there, I’d call myself an above-average one and unless I’m fighting a tank, I can’t win a 1v1 against someone whose chasing me without my skills being up. If you make a mistake of diving deep when you haven’t seen me lay down a blight field in a while, or haven’t seen me Ult, you will die but that is a problem with strategy rather than balance (in my very biased opinion).

Good Thorns are devastating. I hate playing against good Thorns because they ruin all the fun of being able to jump around nuking everything from orbit, but I can say that exact same thing about good: OMs, Gals, El Dragons (the worst), and a half dozen others.

To beat a Thorn:

  1. Put pressure on her.
  2. Have her miss her blight.
  3. Stun her out of her ult.
  4. Kill her in 12 seconds or less.

I agree with everything you just said except for the alani part she’s not meant to be a pusher she’s a support character…anyway that was off topic lol but otherwise I agree with everything you said neither of them are op they are really good but not op. With rath(who I suck with btw) his ult will kill you if you get caught, he’s an assassin that’s what he’s supposed to do, but if they player is no good with him(like me lol) then they might end up dying a few times before they reach lvl 5 giving the other team the advantage in lvl early game. Which can cause the whole game to be lost

A player good with a particular character will always be a pain to play against and if they are just flat out better than you then they will look OP to you.
I played against a ridiculously good Toby the other day who kept murdering our team. Does not make him OP, just bloody good with a character he has invested time and effort on.

Its damage is on par with bendicts. Marquis can do more damage if he shoots for further away.
Dende ult does the same amount if targeting 1 person and stuns(considered a weak ult as well)
Melka does more if you it the same target.
Orendi does the same damage.
Its a pretty standard ult.

benedict can’t move while using it, he is safe thanks to the range of it but still vulnerable.
Marquis needs to be far away and can’t use it at melee range.
Melka needs to aim very carefully because of how tiny the projectiles are.
Orendi is a caster, it’s normal that she has a burst. Yet it’s a line of damage and not a gigantic circle AOE.

Thorn can move while casting it, even jump around with her crazy jump height.
And it’s the most “free kill” ultimate I’ve ever seen. And it’s skill free.

(I’m not talking about deande simply because I never see anyone use it and she’s less and less played somehow)

Like a said marquis can do more damage though.
Bendicts can move around coners so can get people running away.
Thorn is a caster too and line can be better in modes like meltdown incursion.
They can all jump while using it as well.
They all have different strengths but its still pretty stardard for a ult.

Hear, hear.

So is Thorn.

It’s only a “free kill” if it’s a squishy character and they’re under 50% health.

Ever try hitting a character with Thorn’s ult when they aren’t already hurting pretty badly? If you’re very lucky, they run because they think you have another trick up your sleeve.

If you’re not, they turn around and stun you and things start going poorly.

If you let Thorn push into your lane, or if you’re not watching her during a team fight, things will go badly for you.

It’s easier to use than say, Kleese’s Black Hole, but you have to pick your battles to get the most out of it.

Hm… no.
Thorn’s damage come from her arrows mainly.
I see more her spells as tools in order to empower her arrows and slow her enemies.

Blight is the highest damage DoT in the game, no? Her skills do massive damage.